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Dulux Endurance picking up lots of marks?

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plumtart Fri 09-Sep-11 21:07:43

I need something really tough and washable for my 3 young boys - my paintwork gets wrecking within about 6 months.

Equally I have a dingy terrace and would have loved to try the dulux light and bright or whatever its called.

I had this endurance retail paint once before I think, it had a diamond on the can. It was horrendous in as much as I dont know how good it was to clean but it seemed to really really attract scuff and dirt marks very easily, much worse than silk

I love the sound of trade diamond matt which include the light and bright finish, but at nearly £60 a can it is nearly 3 times the price of the retail stuff (EITHER endurance OR light and bright) whcih is buy one get one half price in Homebase right now.

So is the current endurance a scuff,dirt magnet that gets dirty quicker than silk emulsion?

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