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How much of an arse ache is it to put in central heating?

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NotAnotherNewNappy Thu 08-Sep-11 21:57:21

DH and I are looking at a 3 bed semi on Sunday. The agent described it as in need of a little TLC. After studying the details I can see no mention of radiators and there is clearly a portable electric heater in the corner of one of the photos.

DH thinks I'm mad and wants to cancel. So, just how much of an arse ache is it to put in central heating?


lalalonglegs Fri 09-Sep-11 06:58:46

All the floors have to come up (or at least part of them in every room you want radiators) in order to run pipes - this is assuming that the house has conventional, timber suspended floors. I don't think in a 3-bed semi that you would get much or any change out of #5k if you were to put in a decent boiler and it could cost a lot more if the house isn't currently connected to the gas mains and you need to bring a pipe in from the street.

It would be worth it though depending on how expensive the house is. You'd probably have to move out for a couple of days. Your husband may have a point as, if the owners haven't put in central heating which is fairly basic in areas where there is gas, there might be quite a lot of other stuff that needs doing too.

pallymama Fri 09-Sep-11 07:08:28

We had central heating put into our 3 bed when DD was 2 weeks (1st week spent in hospital after a messy birth/EMC). Luckily we already had gas for the one lonely gas fire. It had all been pretty carefully planned with the plumber, who was very helpful. They did one floor at a time and kept all the mess and distruption as contained as possible. Seemed like they were done in no time, although sleep deprivation and painkillers may have played their part there. Didn't regret it at all, and it was definately worth it.

Jacaqueen Fri 09-Sep-11 10:24:38

First thing you need to find out if there is gas in the area. Presuming that there is you need to get BG out to connect your house to the supply. They also fit the meter. All of this takes place outside so doesn't impact on you too much, though they have to dig a deep trench for the pipes etc and this may mean digging up you driveway.

Fitting the radiators, pipes and boiler takes about 2 days. During this time there will be mess and noise but it is so worth it in the end.

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