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Should I go for it and just paint the blinking wardrobe?

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lynniep Thu 08-Sep-11 16:54:35

This is such a low level query lol!

I'm ummnig and aahing about painting the doors (and possibly drawers) of my sons new wardrobe (not quite assembled yet - I would spray paint the doors before I put them on) to match the green in his new curtains

Wardrobe is this

Fabric is this

I also covered his nursing chair in it and he'll have a duvet cover to match at some point.

I repainted his room (its only a box room) quite bright white, and its going to look quite stark with the white cotbed, wardrobe and drawers in there, which is why I started thinking about a bit more customising.

I really dont want to ruin the wardrobe. I know its only cheap but it was the maximum we could afford. But I'd love to customise it. I bought april green gloss plasti-kote paint because its the closest match I found.

gah. I dont know whether to go for it or not!!

lynniep Thu 08-Sep-11 16:55:54

dammit I forgot to make links:

ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 16:56:49

I don't know - but hope you don't mind if I watch this thread with interest - we've got a huge almost built in wardrobe which would cost a fortune to replace - but we can't get any other bedroom furniture which goes remotely with it - its a funny cherryish wood

queenmaeve Thu 08-Sep-11 17:35:20

It would be amazing painted. Go for it! I have changed the look of lots of my furniture with paint, spray etc.
The plasti kote sprays are excellent. The trick is to be patient and spray in thin coats. Sand out any runs between each coat.
To cover that white wardrobe with Plasti kote it will take a good few coats to stop white showing through. At £7 odd per can it could work out expensive.
My advice would be to go to B&q or where ever and buy a small tin/tub of own brand emulsion in a similar green. Use that as an undercoat.
Give it 2 coats, sand well and then finish with your spray coat for a smooth finish.
I am on phone but will link later of a good site that might help you smile

hester Thu 08-Sep-11 17:42:01

I love that Ikea fabric.

My vote is ..... yes! I've just painted our kitchen units and wall tiles from Hideoso to Not-So-Bad. It is very, very therapeutic to paint stuff, I think.

lynniep Fri 09-Sep-11 16:46:20

thanks for the input.

I finished putting the wardrobe together this morning, but I havent painted it - yet. Thats due to time issues, not because I've decided not to do it. The bl**dy thing took me hours to put together. And I get very little time to myself.

Plus I still have the chest of drawers and a blanket box AND a side chest to do as well as storage boxes to go in the wardrobe (waiiiilllll) I'm not sure that I'll fit anything else in the room though other than the drawers, and the boxes, so I have a bit of a reprieve until the big bedroom shuffle (I'm putting that off - at some point moving DS1 to the 'big' spare room, which means dismantling his high bed and putting it back together. Eugh. Plus another room overhaul in general)

The doors are very easy to take off again so if I do get the chance I think I might go for it. thats a good tip about using emulsion as a base queenmaeve. It does look quite smart though as it is so I'm pleased with it (if anyone else is looking for a plainish white bedroom set) I was worried it would look really cheap, because it was, but its fine. I got the full set at homebase and despite taking ages to get here, am happy.

lynniep Fri 09-Sep-11 16:49:35

I also bought a wall decal off ebay which I think/hope will look great. Its this one (well its identical to this one anyway)

hester Sun 11-Sep-11 21:22:27

Oh, that's really nice smile

Have you painted the wardrobe yet? Post a picture when you're done!

Pudden Mon 12-Sep-11 09:43:13

Hester what tile paint did you use? I'm just about to do the tiles in kitchen as a stop gap solution


hester Mon 12-Sep-11 09:51:14

I used a specialist tile primer (by International, I think) then normal paint on top. Slight dilemma about what top coat to use: first of all I was going to use kitchen paint (t0 be more hardwearing) but it only came in matt finish, and I thought gloss would be easier to keep wiped down.

You can also get specialist all-in-one tile paint, but the colours are very restricted.

Anyway, it looks fine (well, new tiles would look better, but it looks way better than before). It was more work than I expected: the tiles are quite porous and the grease of centuries had settled into them, so prepping was a bit of a nightmare. And then I needed SIX coats of paint to stop the dark scarlet showing through. But you probably won't have my troubles grin

Whether it will be durable, or start flaking and peeling the first time I clean it, has yet to be seen...

gapants Mon 12-Sep-11 10:17:47

I think you would need to sand it back a bit and then put a primer on, then a light emulsion undercoat and then your final spray for a good finish. Quite labour intensive!

I would consider jazzing up the bedroom with colourful picture frames and photos, homemade bunting, a painted on chalkboard and maybe a book-shelf?

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