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Thomas Sanderson shutters

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Kandinsky Wed 07-Sep-11 17:28:03

We are interested in having shutters made for one of our windows and after picking up a leaflet in Laura Ashley I ordered a brochure online from Thomas Sanderson. They then rang me and will not give any guidance etc about price without a home visit. I understand that this is something you need to have properly measured for accurate pricing but alarm bells rang when they stressed the need for both DH and I to be there and booked an appointment for Sunday morning. This sounds worryingly like we will be subjected to a double glazing style hard sell to sign up on the spot and will not be able to get rid of them. Has anyone used this or another shutter company? Do I need to cancel the appointment, hide behind the sofa and not answer my phone for 6 months.

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 07-Sep-11 17:46:25

We have used Thomas Sanderson - as you thought, they are the 'flexible pricing' outfit but there is no obligation to buy and you just have to be firm.

bitzermaloney Wed 07-Sep-11 20:05:11

I managed to get myself on their calling list by accident after making an initial general inquiry, and even though I told them to stop calling as I had then had shutters fitted by another company, they kept on, and on, and on, and when I got quite shirty about it and asked what they expected me to do seeing as I had no more windows, the guy was just rude back. I can't imagine what it would be like to let them into the house!

Sushiqueen Thu 08-Sep-11 07:06:01

We had them round to give us a quote. The guy was very friendly and didn't try and give us the hard sell. He was there about an hour and that included measuring up and explaining all the options. We queried why we both had to be there and was told that as it can be an expensive purchase, they preferred to have both partners there, so that they knew what they were getting for the money.

We told him we would think about it and he left with no hassle. They phoned us up about a week later to see if we had decided. When we said we weren't going to go ahead, they just told us to give them a call if we changed our minds. We never heard from them again.

Not sure if we were just lucky but we had no hassle with them at all.

ChippingIn Sat 10-Sep-11 11:23:34

Lucky I think Sushi.

The guy I had was terrible, really really hard sell. I was looking at some kind of fabric blind but he kept pushing the shutters - I said, several times, very firmly that shutters would look incredibly pretentious in the flat I was doing up. He went off and got the sample one anyway. It was a very very horrible plastic thing which I wouldn't have put in a shed and £££££. He was narky when I wouldn't order & they pestered me for ages until I basically said the next time they called they'd hear from my lawyer!

Not Again.
Never Ever Again.
Not if they're the last blind company on the planet.

Indaba Wed 14-Sep-11 23:06:21

they are effectively a franchise so it will depend who your local rep is....we had a quote very expensive but no hard sell after rejecting quote

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