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Had acceptable valuation! Its all systems go, if our buyers ever get their fingers out of their a***s!

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SparklePrincess Tue 06-Sep-11 23:30:25

We sale agreed a week ago today. Seen mortgage advisor, paid for mortgage product, filled in & returned lots of paperwork for solicitors, paid for searches, had survey done today, had text confirming all ok from lender...

All systems go from our end.. but we are still yet to receive memorandum of sale from the agents or even got a date for the survey on my place. I know the buyers wanted to wait till we found somewhere before spending any money, fair enough, but it is quite frustrating when our survey is done, weve spent a fortune & yet we dont even have a date for survey on my place.. Am I being impatient? Perhaps my lender is just super efficient.. What do you think?

Sushiqueen Wed 07-Sep-11 08:12:34

We had exactly the same.

We sorted out loads regarding our purchase and our solicitor was super efficient with everything. Whereas our buyers who were desperate to get in asap seemed to be on a go slow.

It turned out that they didn't do anything until the entire chain was complete (may be because they lost out on a previous purchase/sale). So when we then had to pull out of our purchase and the chain drastically shortened it was a desperate push from them and their buyers. It may be that your buyers are the same and waiting to make sure the chain is established - or they may not be bothering with a seperate survey and just getting one done through the mortgage company. Some wait until closer to the time so that the mortgage offer doesn't expire.

It seems to have taken ages although hopefully the end is in sight.

drcrab Wed 07-Sep-11 16:38:08

we agreed our sale of house on monday. we'd agreed to buy the next house at least 6 weeks ago. We've not sent the surveyors in to the next house...because the chain isn't complete. I don't want to waste money with surveyors if things go 'tits up'!!

SparklePrincess Wed 07-Sep-11 18:44:03

Our chain is complete. I wouldn't of forked out any cash myself until it was. I think its just their lender isn't as efficient as mine. hmm

However, I did get a call today from my agents to book the survey, for next Monday morning, so things are starting to happen finally. smile

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