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Looking for a Playroom Decorator

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TXB Tue 06-Sep-11 09:42:49

I have recently moved house and am looking to decorate one of the rooms as a playroom for my 21mo son. I am trying to find a decorator/designer to come in, look at the space and suggest the best way to utilize it... ie, design the playroom and come up with an 'indoor cubbyhouse', a storage solution, colour schemes/murals, etc. The problem with the room is it's a main thoroughfare between the kitchen and sitting room so whilst it's got good space, it is a high traffic area.

Does anyone know a company who provides this sort of service - all the decorators I've come across so far do not have much experience with playrooms so are not aware of many child friendly products. Many thanks

pipkin35 Tue 06-Sep-11 11:51:19

An old work friend set up her own compnay years ago, see if you like her stuff. If she's not for you, she probablyhas enough contacts etc...that you email her and ask her?!

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