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Offer (we think?) been what the hell do we do??

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MrsAFlowerpot Sat 03-Sep-11 17:40:17

Hi all,

We viewed a house today which we put an offer on straight away. The estate agent has come back to us to say that the owner couldn't say for sure as husband uncontactable until tonight, but she was very positive about the offer. If it IS accepted, what is the procedure for what to do next???

Background story - we are in a mad position - we currently live in a flat owned by my dad, he is selling and giving us our deposit from it (mum died when I was a teenager, dad bought this flat and rented out family home, always saying that when we were ready to go he would give us part of the deposit). Flat just on market and lots of interest, so am hopeful he will get an offer soon (vendor aware of all of this). We had already spoken to a mortgage advisor who gave us figures and said to come back when we had found a property.

But, if estate agents comes back on Monday morning to say offer accepted, what do I physically then have to do???

Sorry for being slightly naive about all of this, but never been in this position before.

noddyholder Sat 03-Sep-11 17:41:22

You need to sell the flat 1st as you can't really proceed otherwise

ruddynorah Sat 03-Sep-11 17:46:12

You would need to do your mortgage application and appoint a conveyancing solicitor. But you can't do any of that until the flat is sold as until then you don't know how much you need to borrow or when. Plus you may want to use same solicitor to do the flat sale and the house purchase.

MrsAFlowerpot Sat 03-Sep-11 17:51:37

Thanks for the replies - my dad has already told us the amount he will give us unless the flat completely doesn't sell - would your advice be to hold off everything until the point of an offer?

Good advice about the same solicitor - thank you ruddy

tyler80 Sat 03-Sep-11 22:31:57

Because your deposit is dependent on the sale of the flat, I wouldn't consider that you are proceedable buyers. If I was a seller I wouldn't accept your offer because of that.

SybilBeddows Sat 03-Sep-11 22:33:37

You have to be aware that even though they have accepted your offer, they may well pull out if a proceedable buyer comes along before you sell your flat.

MrsAFlowerpot Mon 05-Sep-11 22:06:27

Thank you for all the advice!

SparklePrincess Mon 05-Sep-11 23:06:45

To be honest, as others have said, you are not in a proceedable position until the flat is sale agreed, so I doubt they will accept.

Carry on window shopping, but don't offer until you are in a proceedable position. Good luck. smile

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