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Moving to Tunbridge Wells - procrastinating endlessly ...

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maggie75 Tue 30-Aug-11 21:56:01

Hi there,

Am procrastinating endlessly about moving away from East London with my DH and 3.10 yr old DD. Any TW London expats that can help us decide? Or others that have made a similar leap of faith? The usual reasons against - lots of friends, fab transport (dont drive - realise would need to learn asap if moved), sooooo much to do - museums, events, groovy arty vibe.

Mostly friends though, have a good, old friend in TW with kids, which is great, but obv would need to get out there myself and make new pals. Which I dread - Im not shy but find it v difficult to get past the chatting in park/nursery to swopping numbers and following up. Also DD woul dmiss her life/friends here desperately - i know sounds ridiculous as she is so little! Thats why if we go, we need to go now though, not in a couple of years, to get there so she doesnt have to move schools.

SO please help! TW seems so quiet after E London, i know thats a good thing in many ways, but am terrified Ill get there and regret it ...

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