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How much should we be paying for our extension?

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redllamayellowllama Tue 30-Aug-11 19:49:20

We've moved into a very run-down 30s semi in the South West, for which we have just gained planning permission for a single storey side and rear extension. The kitchen is currently a galley, installed in the 50s (with all the mod cons you'd expect...) and our plans see this being knocked out and borrowing a little bit from the garage to create a large kitchen/diner with utility, downstairs W/C and walk-in pantry.

We've had quotes that range wildly and I'm wondering if people can give me a bit of perspective on them. The cheapest has been 22k (excluding the cost of a new boiler and the WC, which they priced separately at 4kish) and the most expensive has been 36k. We really liked the 22k guys - said the right things, came up with solutions that weren't cost-driven and were very personable. We have references etc for them, but are now worried that they seem too good to be true. No complaints registered with trading standards.

If you've got this far, well done, any help/thoughts gratefully received.

said Tue 30-Aug-11 19:52:29

What does the 22k included - fitting of kitchen and wc? Fitting flooring? 22k sounds very cheap but they may need the work?

OverthehillsandfarawayNL Tue 30-Aug-11 19:54:07

I would have exepected in the 20 grand mark so 2k sounds ok to me.

redllamayellowllama Tue 30-Aug-11 19:55:54

Excludes fitting of the kitchen, WC would be an additional cost (they priced this at about 1k), excludes flooring.

Kitchen and flooring would probably be done by us (FiL is a builder, but lives 100ish miles away). Would take up to 2nd fix, basically.

said Tue 30-Aug-11 19:58:11

Does it extend fully at the back and side? <Do I sound jealous at all at how cheap your quotes are?>

redllamayellowllama Tue 30-Aug-11 20:02:56

It goes up to the party wall of our detached neighbours and extends about 2m from where the lean-to ends currently (there is a 1m wide lean-to housing the boiler bolted on to the kitchen).

Whereabouts are you and what have typical quotes been your end?

said Tue 30-Aug-11 20:08:05

Wrap around all of house - 4 quotes ranged from 33k to 66k. In the NW. Some included new boiler, some didn't. All included fitting kitchen and bathrooms, some included toilets etc. Couldn't tell from size of quote which would include what.

learningtofly Tue 30-Aug-11 20:16:29

When we looked into an extension our friend who is a builder told us to work on costings of approx 800 quid per square metre (including electric and plumbing) but we aren't SW though

TheMouseLookedGood Thu 08-Sep-11 15:30:49

Sounds v cheap. We are also in a run down 30s semi (in Bristol) with similar kitchen issues and plans. Have had 2 rough estimates in: £50k and (brace yourself) £80-120k shock. The latter were a bunch of poncey wankers though... Friends just down the road have been quoted £40k.

Whereabouts are you? Am v interested in your cheap and nice guys! smile

SparklePrincess Thu 08-Sep-11 21:30:41

How big is the extension you have been quoted for? Unless I missed that bit! It's the main factor in costings I would assume.. So a 20ft by 12ft extension would clearly cost a lot more than something 10ft by 12ft..

redllamayellowllama Sun 18-Sep-11 20:49:31

Hi Themouse - only just saw your post. There was a problem with the cheap quote in that the drawing hadn't been scaled by them properly, so it came in at 30k-ish. In light of this, we've gone with PiLs friend who is happy to travel here daily - for 32k. The peace of mind outweighs the extra cost IMO. I think you helped me in my house search yonks ago - we're in Bristol too.

TheMouseLookedGood Tue 27-Sep-11 23:16:32

Ah yes, I remember! So you made it here then. Whereabouts in Bristol are you? We have just moved to Westbury Park (from Bishopston).

Hope you're enjoying Bristol. It's great for families I think, lots to do. Am sure you're all settled in by now, but if you need any info on stuff to do for children, give me a shout. I have DS (2.8) and DD (10 months) so have been to most toddler groups/parks/other activities in my quest for keeping them entertained in the least hideous way for me!

redllamayellowllama Tue 27-Sep-11 23:29:21

We’re not far away – on the fringes of Henleaze. We’ve been here for 8 weeks (DS 2.11 and DD just 1) and are settling in fairly well, have braved IMPS, a couple of Children’s Centres and White Trees Toddler Group today, which was lovely. We’re going to give the Zoo a go tomorrow I think and maybe invest in annual membership. So far, so good; Bristol is definitely very family-friendly and people have been incredibly welcoming. Still feels a bit odd as the house is so run-down, but we’ll get there...

Pendeen Wed 28-Sep-11 15:18:23

Rates for extensions vary tremendously with location, size, complexity, local market (availability of work), as well as the more general economic factors however I have had jobs costing - per square metre - between £850 and £2,500 which is quite a range.

These are based on a variety of projects in west Cornwall all competitively tendered

Hope this helps.

SparklePrincess Wed 28-Sep-11 17:09:16

It's just a case of getting in a few quotes to see what they come up with & if its realistic I suppose...

TheMouseLookedGood Fri 30-Sep-11 14:11:33

Ah - I live v v close to White Tree Toddler group but have only been once as DS is in nursery that day, but have been contemplating going again with DD as think she is starting to get a bit bored of going out for coffee! Maybe I'll see you there? smile

I know the feeling of living in a building site, but as you say, we'll get there. Best of luck.

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