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I reserved my parents new retirement apartment at the weekend and I am cr*pping myself incase they hate it!

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Fimbo Tue 30-Aug-11 14:37:11

Arrrghhhhhhhhhh. Need to get it out as don't want to discuss it with folk in rl.

Anyway bit of back story, parents house has been up for sale for a year with no takers. They have been waiting for the retirement apartments to be ready with the hope that they could afford one and they could do it on part exchange.

On Saturday dh and I were in the town where the block has just been built and popped in, just for a nose really and were horrified to discover that over 50% of the homes have been reserved/sold with some folks already moved in and living there. This really is my parents last chance of a move to a retirement complex which is what they want in the area where we live. There is another block being built in another area of town where we are but those are to be much more expensive.

So after speaking with the sales woman (they are not on commission like bog standard housebuilders), I spoke to my parents who have already looked round a few of these complexes in Scotland (it is McCarthy Stone) and most of the properties just have the same spec regardless of where it is, I phoned my parents and they told me just to go ahead and reserve them one!

So that is what i have done, the part exchange deal is a bit crap in comparison to what they will do for you if you have sold your own home, so my parents have finally agreed to reduce the price of theirs in the hope of getting theirs sold. They will reserve the apartment for as long as it takes to sell my parents property within reason of course (longest they have held out is 14 months).

But now I am really scared that they hate what we have chosen for them, it has a lot of combed ceilings etc as it is a top floor flat (their preferred option) and it faces a busy road, but the window insulation is good. There is not much storage space for hoovers etc but we have gone for the biggest bedroom for the money which means they can have it properly fitted out and the one with the biggest kitchen so they can get a table in it. They are coming down to see it in October as they have gas central heating being installed in their own shortly to try and help it sell.

Sorry this is long, just wanted to get it out as I have hardly slept a wink all night and I don't really want to discuss it with rl friends as they will probably think I am mad!

Hassled Tue 30-Aug-11 14:49:48

No-one would think you're mad - this is a big responsibility to put on you. I'd be twitchy as hell.

How binding is this reservation? If your parents hate it when they see it, is anyone losing money? Could your parents afford the financial hit if that does happen? Any way of getting them here before October?

Do they have email etc? Could you take a load of photos to send to them so you can be reassured they like it?

Gonzo33 Tue 30-Aug-11 14:52:54

Bless you I would be stressed as well. Just remember they were the ones that told you to go ahead and reserve. I am sure that they will come to some agreement with McCarthy Stone should they need to.

nelliesue Tue 30-Aug-11 16:27:53

My parents are in a McCarthy Stone apartment complex - it is the best thing they ever did! They have a top floor apartment near a busy road but on the plus side they can walk 2 mins to buses, shops, etc. I was surprised at the fit-out quality and they have enjoyed the "perks" eg. being able to stay in guest rooms at other McC S apartments when travelling. OK so the service charge seems extortionate but I am sure your parents will love it.

As Gonzo says, you acted on their instructions and I am sure they will be able to come to some agreement if they hate it, particularly if this complex is as popular as you say. My parents also reserved theirs pending the sale of their house but I can't recall if there was an opt-out clause.

Fimbo Wed 31-Aug-11 20:13:47

Thanks everyone. Did 2 lots of replies to this yesterday and mn kept crashing everytime I posted so gave up in the end.

I sent my dad the footprint of the flat and he is really happy with it, especially when I included a smaller flat in with it, where he really wouldn't be able to get additional wardrobes in the bedroom etc.

I told him that I had had sleepless nights and he said that I wasn't to worry, that he was sure that dh and I had chosen the best one.

I am glad to hear you parents enjoy McCarthy Stone living NellieSue. They too will be only a few minutes (seconds even!) from the bus and there is a train station about 15 minutes walk away. Their block even backs on to Lidl! grin I didn't realise that you had the option of staying in the guest suite in other McCarthy Stone complexes, so thank you for that. Now we just have to get their property sold. If anyone has a spare 160k kicking about for investment that would be handy! grin

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