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What's the difference between vinyl wrap and lacquered kitchen doors.

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NoseyNooNoo Mon 29-Aug-11 23:25:54

As the title says - what the difference between the types of door covering - or what are the key advantages/disadvantages.

We are looking for a matt magnolia door. Of the two we were shown the lacquer looked a bit too yellow so we were steeled towards the vinyl wrap. However, I think the wrap was much cheaper which makes me think it might be less durable.

Any thoughts / experience?

minipie Tue 30-Aug-11 14:19:32

I had a vinyl wrap kitchen in a previous house - not my choice but the previous owners', think it was from Moben or Magnet. The wrap started to peel away from the mdf underneath on the cabinets and drawers around the oven (where it got warm). The same thing happened on the dishwasher where it opened and closed - we had to try to glue it back on but it had bent and didn't look right. I'd be quite reluctant to go for vinyl wrap for that reason.

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