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Moving tips....

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louby78 Mon 29-Aug-11 22:02:37

Can anyone give me their moving tips to make everything go smoothly? Got a 3yr old and an 8 month old but roping in both sets of parents to help too.

Just feeling rather overwhelmed.

minipie Tue 30-Aug-11 12:51:17

Would you be able to pay for a packing service? We found it didn't add that much to the moving cost and it was sooo worth it.

To help the move day go ok, some tips:

1) make sure your beds and bedding are easily accessible, unpacked and sorted out first, so at least you can go to bed once you are tired

2) get hold of a take away menu near your new house so you don't have to cook supper

3) pack tea and coffee, kids food and snacks, and wine in a very accessible place

4) have plenty of spare carrier bags/small boxes for those last minute items that you can't figure out what to do with!

5) label everything as specifically as possible with the room it is moving to at the other end, so the movers know where to put particular boxes/items

good luck!

jk678 Tue 30-Aug-11 18:32:46

I was in your situation a few weeks back. I moved with my 3 kids on my own (DH was at work). We had a removal team and they were fab! Kids (all under 7) loved the day - they enjoyed watching all the stuff going into the van and exploring their new home!

Top tips
1. Lots of food!
2. Magazines and drawing stuff to keep them occupied in one place.
3. Keep an essentials box (with kettle / tea / coffee / biscuits) in your car - much easier to get to.
4. Pack a bag of essential kids toys - put that in your car too!
5. Make lots of tea for the removal men - they will be much more smiley!

Hope that helps - good luck with the move, the thought is worse than the actual day! smile

plupervert Tue 30-Aug-11 20:27:41

My best tip for the other end is to buy a mobile broadband dongle (pay as you go), since it takes an age to get set up with a phone line and broadband. You will really need access to the internet in those transitional weeks.

PeanutGallery Thu 01-Sep-11 12:16:39

good point plupervert.

A couple of other things:

- don't forget to take meter readings when you move out and in your new place too.

- have loo roll and bin bags in an easily accessible place. (plus all the baby's nappy stuff and potty of course too).

- be prepared for the new house not to be very clean. Some mover-outers clean nicely, others don't - so maybe have some general purpose cleaner and cloths available for the main surfaces at least.

- don't forget items in the garden! Easy to leave behind by mistake.

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