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Asking for a friend: is it possible to buy a 2 up 2 down house within commuting distance of London (pref to the west/south west) for £250,000?

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bibbitybobbityhat Fri 26-Aug-11 19:17:08

and if so, where?

It's not going to be a daily commute, btw, but I think my friend is hoping for somewhere less than 50 miles away.

all/any suggestions most welcome smile.

HMTheQueen Fri 26-Aug-11 19:19:40

I bought one in Esher for just over £200k. It backs onto the trainline (which you can hardly hear) and it is loverly! smile

whostolemyname Fri 26-Aug-11 19:25:17

You would be able to in Basingstoke which is roughly 50 miles. Could probably get a 3 bed tbh.

CleanSheetsAndSmoothLegs Fri 26-Aug-11 19:30:48

Check with them what they consider to be a reasonable time for a commute. If they don't mind 2 hours on train then easy! If they want 30mins on tube, then less easy.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 26-Aug-11 19:48:22

Gosh, Esher? Really?

I think Basingstoke would be too far away (I was in Basingstoke today, funnily enough, hiya).

She really wants somewhere that is still 'sort of' London iykwim. Like Surrey, Middlesex, Bucks. And a dinky two up two down is exactly what she wants. She doesn't have dc.

gegs73 Fri 26-Aug-11 19:52:43

Sunbury upon Thames, Surrey but I think pretty good train links.

gegs73 Fri 26-Aug-11 19:57:44

Isleworth, Brentford.

HMTheQueen Fri 26-Aug-11 20:02:00

I am in the 'not so naice' part of Esher - but TBH - it's still Esher! Good schools, lovely parks, great shopping in Kingston.

If she can't get around here, I'm sure Isleworth/Brentford would be close - also, some areas in Kingston/Tolworth maybe. I also looked in East/West Molesey (Hampton Court) and Walton.

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:14:01

detached bungalow between Yiewsley & Cowley (nr Uxbridge) £250K (2 beds but only 1 reception)

Uxbridge area not as salubrious as Surrey, but not Surrey prices either!

Train station in West Drayton (into Paddington) or underground (Metropolitan/Piccadilly line) from Uxbridge

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:15:37

when you say "dinky two up two down" do you mean a little Victorian terrace type or can it be modern?

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:19:38

dinky 2-bed cottage in West Drayton

tbf West Drayton as a whole is really not so nice, but this is in the small area that actually is nice, & within walking distance of the station - £242K

thisisyesterday Fri 26-Aug-11 20:21:11

well Crawley is approx 30 miles from the centre of London. takes about an hour to drive in, bit less on the train.

easy get a 3 bed house for that money here.

thisisyesterday Fri 26-Aug-11 20:23:29

not too far from station

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 26-Aug-11 20:24:02

That is very sweet, the one in West Drayton, Ponders - although look at the teeny weeny floorspace in the living room shock. But my friend is miniscule and her dp is not a big chap and they have been living in the tiniest one bed flat in existance. I think she would consider modern, or a maisonette, so long as it had private garden.

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 26-Aug-11 20:24:55

Definitely not in Kingston/Tolworth.

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:28:14

mmm, the living room does look small but those chairs are enormous! and the garden looks lovely

I like tiy's semi in Crawley (but it has a through living room, did they want 2 separate rooms or did you just mean that sort of size?)

thisisyesterday Fri 26-Aug-11 20:29:17


bibbitybobbityhat Fri 26-Aug-11 20:30:19

Just the sort of two up two down size I think Ponders. Through living room would be acceptable, I'm sure.

thisisyesterday Fri 26-Aug-11 20:34:17

this is nice! redhill

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:34:46

another dinky one in WD, near the previous one - £240K

actually I think it's next door! confused Slightly different layout - upstairs better (bathroom not through bedroom) but no downstairs loo

fivegomadindorset Fri 26-Aug-11 20:36:40

Bibbity we have sofas similar to thos ones and they are huge, so that will make a difference.

Ponders Fri 26-Aug-11 20:36:50

oh the Redhill one is gorgeous!

(downstairs bathroom though)

(isn't vicarious house shopping fun! smile)

AllYourCakeAreBelongToMe Fri 26-Aug-11 20:37:41

I bought one in Northumberland Heath (near Erith) for 125k. And really, it's not bad at all, here.

fivegomadindorset Fri 26-Aug-11 20:38:34

I like that redhill one.

AllYourCakeAreBelongToMe Fri 26-Aug-11 20:40:39

Missed off the useful bit. We're very SE, but only 30mins on the train from London Bridge, with trains to Charing X, Victoria and Cannon St very regularly. My house is a very pretty terraced farm cottage (about 130 years old).
250k round here would buy you a 30s 3 bed semi in nice condition.

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