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Changing paving slabs to lawn

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starrychime Fri 26-Aug-11 06:31:16

Been looking at a flat but the garden area has all been paved over with slabs - how easy/expensive would it be to get rid of most of these and replace with grass/flower beds? Do you just get someone to break them up and cart away and then plant grass seed? It looks quite professionally done so wondered if they might be embedded in concrete beneath - is this likely <concrete slab novice>?

mrmistoffelees Fri 26-Aug-11 22:26:27

I did this years ago, I paid odd job type men to come and lift them, some friends wanted them so they took them away, but the men who lifted them could have for extra. I can't remember what it cost but I don't think it was more than £100, although this was almost 10 years ago, I live in the NE.

Under the slabs was just a sand base but the soil was full of bits of rubble and also roots which took a lot of digging to get out, I think slabs are usually laid over a compacted base of sand not cement but I may be wrong.

I then planted the garden up and everything grew really well, I assume seeding it would be even easier.

ghostofstalbans Fri 26-Aug-11 22:28:24

i just took ours up, there was sand but it wasn't too taxing grin

flatbellyfella Fri 26-Aug-11 22:36:32

You should have no problem getting them up ,they could be used again so don't break them . You could get 50p per slab selling them to someone that wants to lay a patio or such like. Or advertise them as free if you remove them .

mrmistoffelees Fri 26-Aug-11 22:44:06

I agree they are easy to get up,mine covered a large area, I lifted a few myself then gave up. Mine were the awful yellow and pink chequered effect type slabs but if yours are decent advertising them for collection is a good idea.

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