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Self adhesive vinyl paper for furniture?

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duende Wed 24-Aug-11 23:12:14

Does it exist in the UK? Where I come from large diy stores sell it in loads of different colours and patterns. I haven't seen it here but maybe it's sold under a different name?
I have a sliding door wardrobe, in walnut, which I'm totally fed up with. Would like to make it White and thought that self adhesive paper would give a nicer, cleaner finish than paint. Any ideas?

Melfish Wed 24-Aug-11 23:16:10

Is that like sticky backed plastic (so beloved of Blue Peter)? I have seen it in Homebase and in the local independent DIY shop. I think it's also known as Fablon. Used it to cover an old wooden high chair tray for DD when she was a baby.

duende Wed 24-Aug-11 23:20:47

Melfish, thank you! I'm off to google fablon smile

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