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Paint colour for new wee boy's room

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stripeybump Wed 24-Aug-11 12:37:29

So I'm brewing a boy, due in December.

Any tips for what colour to paint his room? At the moment it's our spare junk room so we're undertaking a makeover this bank hol weekend.

We want to avoid the whole 'blue for boys' thing and I like the idea of a jungle / animals theme. If we paint the walls, we can then put up stickers and friezes which we can change as he gets older. I love this Mothercare Little Circus range of bedding etc.

Any ideas for paint colour? We thought maybe yellow? Any thoughts gratefully received!

minipie Wed 24-Aug-11 17:42:08

I'd probably go with off white, to offset all the inevitable brightly coloured stuff!

Or if you're going for a jungle theme, you could do a pale green.

this website has a nice range of jungle themed wall stickers.

stripeybump Wed 24-Aug-11 17:56:32

Thanks for the link minipie, I love that wall sticker, it's perfect! Having to sit on hands to avoid spending a fortune I don't have on that site.

One thing that put me off blue paint is it can look cold, so not sure about green - although it's meant to be calming.

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