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my north facing bedroom is a blank canvas, help.

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thestrawberrythief Sun 21-Aug-11 10:18:50

we have finally re plastered our north facing bedroom. It's 1930's, high ceiling, wood floor which at the minute is quite a dark stain but about to be sanded.

my only remit is no wallpaper ever again, no flowers and no pink - guess what we inherited and lived with for 5 yearsgrin

I don't want to make it feel any colder and panic at sight of a paint chart, any ideas would be gratefully received, thank you.

Kladdkaka Sun 21-Aug-11 17:41:44

I would go and have a wander around a nice soft furnishings shop, eg John Lewis, and look at their cushions. Buy the one you love the most and work out from that. Or, as it's a bedroom, look for a gorgeous douvet cover and work from that instead.

thestrawberrythief Mon 22-Aug-11 13:05:57

yes that is a good idea, thank you kladdkaka

Wondered what colours anyone had used to warm up north facing rooms really, anyone?

7to25 Mon 22-Aug-11 15:39:35

Hi strawberrythief,
I have answered another thread recently.
I think you have to work out with north facing rooms whether they are dark or whether it is the blue toned light of the north that you are dealing with.
If the room is dark then Dulux do light reflective paints that really do work. mirrors on the wall opposite the windows also.
In order to choose Colours, try and think of the colour you would like and avoid the blue toned variants of it. you can use grey but it has to be a greige rather than a blue-grey. Yellow might sound sunny but can be very acidic and green tinged. red can either be toned with yellow or blue.
I would like a very soft yellow-toned green in a 1930's house. I would also like wallpaper!
Good luck with your choices. Do you want a specific scheme?

kickassangel Mon 22-Aug-11 16:05:49

i assume that the plaster work is in good condition if you are going to paint?

i know it's an old chestnut, but go for 'neutrals' for floor & walls - perhaps a creamy/beige combination.

then you can use soft furnishings to give colour & warmth.

do you need curtains/blinds etc? think about how much light actually comes into the room. we had a n facing lounge which got a lot of light, but it was all 'blue' light.

then you could get a golden duvet cover, with autumn colored pillows etc - very warm & comforting. and think about texture in the textiles, so a fluffy cushion on the bed gives a 'cuddly' feel, whereas smooth/shiny surfaces give a 'sleek', colder feel. (like smooth kitchen/bathroom spaces). if you have floor boards, painted walls & mirrors, they are all 'hard' surfaces, so do get some soft tactile furnishings in there - the kind of things you just want to touch/cuddle

ninedragons Mon 22-Aug-11 16:11:36

Dulux do a white with the faintest, faintest pink tint and it gives a lovely glow. I think it is called Dulcimer.

I agree with PP about texture. I'd get a Persian rug for the floor (rich colours, busy pattern) and look at fabrics like velvet and chenille for curtains and cushions. If you have room, I would also consider some upholstered furniture and perhaps even a padded headboard.

thestrawberrythief Mon 22-Aug-11 16:45:28

oh brilliant ideas and advice.

The walls and ceiling have all been done with paint in mind, no more staring at artex ceilings.

The window is large but yes it is a blue light and in the winter months it feels really dark.

7to25 I had been leaning towards the grey/beiges and looked at that thread, thank you.

kickassangel like the sound of all that tactile sounding soft furnishing. think that may be what I always miss.
ninedragons off to look at that colour cheers.

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