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Suggestions for north facing room

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rosar Sun 21-Aug-11 07:22:22

Am seriously considering a new place, so not actually lived there. The main part of a third floor living room is north-facing with six large Georgian windows/balcony doors along a 9 meter wall.

We think (and are open to persuation) that most colours sympathetic to that period would be challenged by the north-facing aspect, even though the amount of glass is generous. It will be a private family room, so no restriction on colours, window dressings, etc

Usually we experiment, after spending time in a place, but this time it would be good to get others' experiences and thoughts, hopefully getting to a quicker solution that way.

Thanks in advance.

7to25 Sun 21-Aug-11 08:59:58

Hi rosar,
it seems that you will have a lot of light but it will be the blue light of the north, an ideal artists studio!
What Colours were you thinking of and how formal is the room going to be?
Are you thinking that Georgian Colours have too much blue in them? What furniture will be in the room?

rosar Sun 21-Aug-11 09:27:35

Hi 7-25, thanks for replying. The thought of artist's studio did cross our mind, very sadly we're not artistic...

We're using it as a family living space, so not formal. That said, we're not that funky a family, just a bit quirky and happy to try and resign from any unintended mistakes. We'd share it with visiting family, so it's not really a private space either.

Been suggested the Georgian naturals, maybe with some rich colour to accept the quality of the light. It connects to an very contrasting (light-wise) south facing room in which we were going to introduce some aqua, and were half thinking of using a sympathetic terracotta or non-green yellow in the north facing living room. Or we could maybe go for floor coverings in those and keep the walls natural-ish. In the past we've had some success with using white paint used for road markings, with a reflective quality, in darker modern rooms, on the ceiling. Not sure that would work in this case though.

Not too much furniture although it will probably end up with a lot of books lining it, possibly behind doors if it gets too much. The furniture is also flexible, we can put in a couple of upholstered longish seating, intended to be a space for people to be in for a long time or to talk to others, but not to machine gaze (as far as possible).

7to25 Sun 21-Aug-11 13:20:45

Hi Rosar,
Two thoughts, two ideas and a caveat.
I have used the light reflecting paint to good effect but think that it is not appropriate in this setting and that paint should be as matt as possible.
I wonder if the neutral paint, coloured floors is really a good idea.
First idea; warm grey walls (fired earth pearl ashes) with bright yellow curtains on black poles. This makes a dramatic feature of your wonderful windows. I wonder if the room is dark or the quality of the light is not sunny enough?
second idea; walls in F&B reading room red wooden floors (mid-toned and warm) covered by an oriental rug. I would keep the window treatments less dramatic with ivory Roman blinds or curtains. If woodwork is to be painted then Wimbourne White F&B is good
caveat: I would still move in and do the whole living there thing! I think it works, especially in an historic home.

rosar Sun 21-Aug-11 16:30:57

Thank you again, 7-25. I like your ideas, can see what you mean. I've used and loved Picture Gallery red before but felt it was too much for this. Book Room feels much better here.

You're right in that it's the type, not the amount, of light that is unusual, also slightly confusing/complicated by when the connecting doors are open and the contrasting 'southern' light floods in. So your caveat is spot on, too. I shall have a closer look when we visit again in the week.

Also realizing how relieved I am now about not doing whole floor hotel-type coverings or reflective paint, both of which felt a little wrong there, tbh!

CaptainNancy Mon 22-Aug-11 12:24:34

>>>First idea; warm grey walls (fired earth pearl ashes) with bright yellow curtains on black poles. This makes a dramatic feature of your wonderful windows.

This! It sounds wonderful.

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