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If you know (south) East Yorkshire and/or N Lincolnshire/the Wolds PLEASE COMMENT

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harrietthespook Sat 20-Aug-11 17:05:14

DH is going for a job in NE Lincolnshire. We could either live in East Yorkshire He is from Yorkshire so it's a big pull for us. When we moved back up north we always thought we'd go back to Yorkshire. He says he doesn't mind going over the Humber Bridge everyday. We like some schools in Hull too. I am wondering if the commute even though the traffic won't be anything like London will still be a bit much but he insists not. The other option is to consider Lincolnshire more seriously - like the area around Louth. Upsides are clearly price and it looks beautiful from the photos. Downsides are we know literally no one. I seem to be hearing so many negative comments from people who have grown up in Lincolnshire and moved out!! And online too. I am a little bit taken aback by how negative some people are. Can someone please reassure me. Also it seems like a lot of the grammar schools in the areas near where we have looked are boys only. Or am I just looking at a very small random sampling?!

I would be so grateful for any replies, if DH gets it he has to decide straightaway.

harrietthespook Sun 21-Aug-11 00:03:59

should I conclude there's no internet in these parts of the country?

Baffledandbewildered Sun 21-Aug-11 01:19:46

Love Lincolnshire not born here but would not move away . Great for children. Humber bridge is about a fiver each way though so that would add up. Louth is pretty in the wolds good place to live. Schools here are good and we still have the grammar system .good luck pm if you want more details

harrietthespook Sun 21-Aug-11 01:44:02

Thanks for your message. We've been told will be six pounds return, not each way. It was 2.70 one way but we were told it was going up to 3.00. Twelve per day would indeed be a lot.

Really appreciate the PM offer, will prob take you up on that if you don't mind!

Greedygirl Sun 21-Aug-11 18:34:20

Hi, it is £2.70 each way across the bridge. We live in East Yorkshire and love it. We live about 20 minutes from Hull, 5 minutes from the Bridge, 20 minutes from Beverley (a really nice market town) and about 40 minutes from Leeds. There are some good schools in the area with the usual fight for places. Lincolnshire is lovely and I would consider living there if we were not so rooted on this side of the bridge with family and whatnot. It depends what you want I guess, I think Lincolnshire is more rural and chilled than East Yorkshire with loads of outdoor stuff going on for kids. We often go across to different events and love Lincoln for shopping and the xmas market. Sorry I can't be more helpful! But if you end up moving to E Yorks then PM me and I will help any way I can.

Greedygirl Sun 21-Aug-11 18:35:18

P.S. have you tried posting on the local pages? You may have more luck there.

flapjack77 Sun 21-Aug-11 19:37:53

Hi. We moved to north Lincs over 2 years ago, didn't know anyone, was due to a new job. It's taken a while to settle here, got to know people thro work and baby/toddler groups eventually. DH has got family in east yorks so we think we'll settle on that side of the Humber eventually.

We live in the countryside on the wolds and it really is beautiful round here, tho a bit flat in places!

we're currently about 10 mins from the Humber bridge, you can buy books of tickets in advance and save a little bit on the toll charge.

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