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What would you offer?

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stanausauruswrecks Sat 20-Aug-11 12:46:03

Property first marketed in 2009 at £240K., and has been there ever since grin Looks like it will require a rewire as well. Just wondering what you lot think would be a good first offer? I'm thinking of £200K to start??

mylovelymonster Sat 20-Aug-11 13:50:53

no more than £180k as an opener. Have you given it a good going over? do you know how much needs doing to it?

Depends on house size/layout/location/condition structurally & cosmetically/recent sold prices for similar thing/your budget/cost of works that need doing/cost of works that you would like to do to make it yours.

Opening bid is in your court. They can either engage or not, but two years is a hell of a signal that something is preventing it selling. Maybe the vendor's not that bothered.

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