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We're in!!!! :)

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Becaroooo Mon 15-Aug-11 13:03:09

Hi all.


Friday was moving day and we are now in our temp rented house in a very small sweet village. Play park just over the road from us and my mum lives up the hill and we took the dc on their bikes yesterday and went blackberrying too!

We really like this village but its expensive sad and the only house for sale atm is FAR above our price range.

I know some people do letter box drops...i.e. they put their details through peoples letterboxes in their desired area.

I have several questions;
Does it work?????!!!
How do you word the letter and what details should you give?
There are 2 properties for rent near here...worth contacting the letting agency and asking re: sale?

House is small but neighbours seem very friendly and its so quiet !!!

narmada Mon 15-Aug-11 14:44:32

Well, we are (hopefully) about to exchange on a house I originially saw as a result of a letter-drop. So I would say yes, it can work.

I said in the letter who we were, what we were looking for, and that we would be interested in buying either privately or through an agent if that's what the vendors preferred. I also was clear about our financial position (e.g., that we'd got an offer in principle on the mortgage etc).

Basically, I just made it clear that we weren't developers or people looking for a bargain.

Included contact details like email, mobile number. And that was about it I think.

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