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Anyone tried the laminate 'travertine/granite' effect flooring in kitchen?

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mrsbleasdale Mon 15-Aug-11 08:11:29

Have seen some I like oin B&Q and online at howdens. A friend has something similar and I thought it looked great. Looks like it just clicks together. Here

Just after some opinions. We have some really cheap laminate in the kitchen that we inherited. It keeps needing gluing back, has absorbed ater in some joints and looks totally fake!!! Part of the floor is concrete and part floor boards, but not entirely level. So i think real tiles would be difficult to lay, and i think cold and slippy with the kids running around, spiling juice etc.

Is it any good? Or cheap rubbish? Quite like the look of some of the woodflooring in B&Q too. Seems cheap at £15 sq meter???

ElbowFan Mon 15-Aug-11 09:47:38

I have wood effect laminate in the bathroom, it is one of the ones marked as fit for wet areas and there has been no problem with it at all. It is jointed together to fit rather than needing any glue.
It's probably worth asking in B&Q about whether the different bases may cause a problem with laying and wear as it may create a weak joint at the change between concrete and floorboards. They may be able to suggest what you could do.
It is however slippery when wet - at least in the bathroom I have a mat for wet feet but I doubt you want mats in the kitchen!

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