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Cost of removals?

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BananaPie Sun 14-Aug-11 20:40:26

We're moving house soon, and need to get sorted with a removal company. I know it'll vary, but I was just wondering how much I should expect it to cost. We're moving out of a two bed flat in London, and going a couple of miles down the road. I'm planning on doing the packing myself rather than paying for a packing service.
Thanks in advance!

CHST Sun 14-Aug-11 21:52:41

Hi. We recently moved only a few streets away and did the packing ourselves. Quotes ranged from 700 ish to over 1000. 4 bed to 4 bed though so bigger than yours. We took the lowest quote in the end. They tried to add on insurance after taking it up to the upper end of the quotes we got so my husband haggled them to add in that free so my advice would be to get several quotes and use them to haggle down a bit

minipie Mon 15-Aug-11 11:23:34

We moved out of a two bed flat in London last year, to the other side of London (45 min journey). We paid for packing as well. As I recall, the total amount (move + packing) was about £750. I think that the moving was most of that, eg moving was £500 and packing was £250, something like that.

If you can, I would really recommend paying for packing... made life sooo much less stressful, plus we didn't have to buy the boxes or bubble wrap etc which can cost a fair bit.

We used the Moving Home Company, they were excellent.

By the way, we found that our contents insurance covered breakages during moving - but only if we got professional packers. (nothing was broken anyway!)

notcitrus Mon 15-Aug-11 12:14:42

We used Six Keys (branches around London) who were wonderful.
Moving 10 miles across London from a 2-bed 1st/2nd floor maisonette with loads of stuff and parking 50 yards away, to a house, was £900. They refused to quote without seeing the house, though.

They gave us a lot of boxes to start packing with, checked our progress a couple times, and then packed our fragile stuff for us.
Nothing broken, even the fish survived. And they worked until 8pm getting things into the right rooms - I have never been so happy to give anyone lots of money!

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