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Made an offer on a property, what do I do now?

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HarrietJones Sun 14-Aug-11 18:27:53

It's a lock up near to us. They don't come up very often so we offered 9am the day after it went on. That was Wed last week.
They said offers in excess of X. And we offered X , expecting to go higher. I spoke to EA on Thurs who said the buyer was seeing if there was any other offers. Which we expected. But we expected there to have been more by now. Last year one went for 20% more after 3 days.
My parents are saying up the offer slightly & get them to take it off. Dh says wait.

wonkylegs Sun 14-Aug-11 18:31:40

Unfortunately think your just going to have to wait it out . I remember how annoying it was when we bought this house.
Fingers crossed

HarrietJones Sun 14-Aug-11 18:34:59

Yeah I know. I'm stuck between impatient & tight!

Really want this as we missed last years and I know that went for what we are offering this time.

Zimm Sun 14-Aug-11 18:41:06

What is a lock up? I think you need to wait it out - they'll give you a chance to increase your offer as it's not a sealed bids situation is it? Good luck!

HarrietJones Sun 14-Aug-11 18:54:59


Not sealed bids but I'm surprised theyve not said 'no we want more' then we could offer more.

HarrietJones Tue 16-Aug-11 14:32:45

They've had another offer & I've topped it. Feels a bit wrong doing this without speaking to dh even though he agreed it before

wonkylegs Tue 16-Aug-11 18:15:20

Good luck

HarrietJones Sat 20-Aug-11 08:05:43

Still waiting. EA said 'probably a couple of day's ' on Thursday

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