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How much would you expect to pay kitchen fitters/joiners per day?

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mrsbleasdale Sat 13-Aug-11 08:02:55

Just trying to budget the cost of new kitchen and wondered what sort of daily rate you have paid in the past. Would like to be armed with some info before our quotes come in, as to what is reasonable and what is someone trying to have a laugh!

We're in the North West .....

Thistledew Sat 13-Aug-11 08:38:16

Would it not be better to negotiate a fixed sum for the job? It would protect you from spiralling costs if something goes wrong and they have to spend more time on it.

HoneyPablo Sat 13-Aug-11 08:44:46

I agree with PP. A fixed rate is a much better deal. In fact, I have never paid a daily rate before. We always get a fixed price quote. You will have much more control that way.
Also, do not pay any money upfront. Most builders can get supplies on account. Only pay when they have finished and you are happy with the work.

DaisySteiner Sat 13-Aug-11 11:27:15

We paid 150 a day on the understanding that it would take between x and y number of days to complete. This was as part of larger building works, subcontracted by a builder who we trusted. When the bill came in, I pointed out that it would only have taken x days rather than y if he'd spent less time fiddling with his ipod and drinking coffee! The bill was swiftly reduced grin

mrsbleasdale Sat 13-Aug-11 13:35:00

I know what you mean about the fixed rate, but am wary of them quoting £1000 plus or whatever and coming for a couple of days!

(This happened to us years ago with MFI quoting us twice as much for units and fitting as a local kitchen cupbaord company who fitted the whole place in 2 1/2 days! Ok so i know that was MFI but was amazed at the difference!)

mrsbleasdale Sat 13-Aug-11 13:37:41

Daisy have had that experience before too! seem to attract workman than love to hang about and chat to me, dh and the kids for half the day!!! So will be aware of it again. Good on you for gettting your bill reduced.

I think I figured if i have a rough idea of a daily rate, and how long it should take, minus tea breaks, trips to the merchants, chatting and faffing about then we can pin them down to a sensible and fair rate.

wfrances Sat 13-Aug-11 16:13:58

def dont pay by hour or day.
my dh fitted our cabinets and we paid £120 to have our worktop fitted ,sink cut out ect but only because we didnt have the tools.
i wouldnt pay anyone to tile either as thats really expensive and is very basic diy even i can do that.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 13-Aug-11 16:30:30

It depends who you get to fit the kitchen. Anything between £120-£200 per man per day. The difference in price will usually show in the quality of work and/ or the time taken to do the job.

A fixed price quote is the way to go if you want to know how much it is going to cost (as long as you don't deviate from the original quote). The price given is for the finished job, whether it takes more or less time than quoted for is irrelevant.

Day rate can rack up a bill, but there again everything could go swimmingly and it could cost you less than a quote.

KristinaM Sat 13-Aug-11 16:36:01

Im in scotland and pay about £150 for a man and a boy. They do quite short days

BMW6 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:00:41

DO NOT pay per hour/day. Agree on a total price for the entire job AND a timescale for completion.
We have just done our kitchen and paid a tradesman 600 to lay flooring tiles, plumb in sink (in new position so new waste pipes etc), connect up new range cooker to gas & electric, & fit all new units & worktops & upstands. He spent about a week on the work (among other jobs). We live in Southampton.

mrsbleasdale Fri 19-Aug-11 07:33:54

That sounds brilliant BMW - can you send him to the North West smile

Thanks all - I wasn't after a daily rate to agree to but it gives me an idea of what to negotiate for the whole job, many thanks

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