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Anyone know anything about these areas Alton , four marks and grayshott ?

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MorningCoffee Fri 12-Aug-11 18:38:00

Does anyone know these areas and have any ideas what they are like to live in and for schools, possible move & looking at these areas, thank you

MorningCoffee Fri 12-Aug-11 20:16:01

cheeky bump

MorningCoffee Sat 13-Aug-11 00:14:00


hester Sat 13-Aug-11 00:19:50

Sorry, I can't really help. Just to say I spent childhood holidays in Grayshott and it was very nice then smile

MorningCoffee Sat 13-Aug-11 00:46:17

Thanks hester, hopefully someone will know something about these area's smile

NotAnotherNewNappy Sat 13-Aug-11 10:38:41

Very little up to date knowledge, but seeing as you are desperate...

I spent a year living/working just outside Alton over a decade ago - I loved it. Very gentile and lots of nearby countryside walks and places of interest (Jane Austin's house).

I have been to Four Marks. Looked fine to me but I think it is one of the less posh villages in the area.

MorningCoffee Sat 13-Aug-11 10:43:38

Thank you NotAnotherNewNappy it does help, anything helps at this point smile

Thingiebob Sat 13-Aug-11 11:09:50

I used to live in Alton. Years ago it was a simple market town but has now gone a bit upmarket with the odd fancy trinket shop.
It is a pretty little place, very little to do though but close to Winchester and Guildford for shopping and an evening out.

Depends what you are looking for really. Very few proper shops and a tiny local cinema but quite charming and quaint. Also if you are into steam trains, there is the Watercress line running through it. It is also very near to beautiful villages and countryside.

There is a mix of socio-economic classes so a range of 'posh' and not so posh areas. It is not particularly multi-cultural either and is quite provincial. You tend to get quite a few teens hanging around the supermarkets etc in the eve as there is little to do although I always felt quite safe walking around at night.

Overall I enjoyed living there but then I'm not a 'clubber' or anything and like the simple quiet life!

slinkyboo Sat 13-Aug-11 19:15:35

I lived in Medstead, just down from Four Marks, for about a year (but 11 years ago now!). Also lived in Holybourne. Four Marks was a little scruffy but Holybourne lovely. I'm afraid I don't know about schools as we had no DC at that time.
Alton itself was lacking in decent shops although it may well have changed since a decage ago. We used to go to Winchester a lot, and also Farnham - the latter was v. nice indeed.
Sorry, not much help!

houseproject Sat 13-Aug-11 19:23:35

A friend lives in Alton so have visited - shopping area has seemingly improved over years and has quite a few individual shops, good 6th college and private school. Think the state schools are good but never looked into them. Lovely areas around and it is quite rural. There is a station but commute to London would be 60mins, I think. Four Marks less appealing (to me) - just seems to a collection of house around a road through Four marks - very little else there. They do seem to be building lots of houses there so not sure how the area will change.

MorningCoffee Fri 09-Sep-11 11:48:19

Thank you for all the advice, it looks like it may be Alton, have visited & the town looks quite nice there are a few shops, coffee shops, M&S, sainsburys etc just not a big shopping centre, to be honest though where we live now is exactly the same, it's the schools i now need to look up on as not sure about them & i have one in infants and one in juniors at the moment, the move is because dp is working in guildford so looking for a small commute to work but don't actually want to live in guildford as to expensive.

Bramshott Fri 09-Sep-11 11:59:25

I live near Alton - I love it! Small market town, improving shops etc. Lots of quieter roads. Pretty good schools, either in town or in surrounding villages.

Four Marks is a nice village but rather blighted by being on the A31 and has lots of development (current campaign against this).

Grayshott is a nice village, but you'll probably find its more expensive because it's practically in Surrey, and the trains / roads are better, particularly with the new Hindhead tunnel.

Anything else you need to know about Alton?

MorningCoffee Sun 11-Sep-11 00:47:27

Hi Branshott, thank you for the info, my big concern is the schools, do you know anything about the schools? have looked 2 up which have excellent & good reports in there last ofsted report. Wha surrounding areas have good schools? i think the town is quite convenient and looks nice, with small room for some improvement.

All i worry about is the children at the moment & school, the area seems nice on one side & not so nice on the other.

Thank you for your comments everyone it's really helping.

Bramshott Sun 11-Sep-11 11:13:19

Hi MorningCoffe. I've PM'ed you more info re schools - I'm assuming you mean primary.

catmanu Mon 12-Sep-11 17:16:39


We have just moved from Alton after five very happy years here.

Why did we move to Alton? I think mainly because I had two children under five and I wanted everything in walking distance. It is easy to walk to the leisure centre and it is a bit more stressfull (one slight incline!) to walk to Anstey

We bought a house in the streets near the public gardens. This has its pros and cons. It is lovely to be close to a park and open space. During the summer months, every Friday, there is an event in the park. This ranges from a Teddy Bare picnic, children's magician, plays for children. They also have a music fest and a proms. It is quite nice to be honest as you know that if you go to the park on a Friday, there will be someone you know. The downsides, after sixish you get young people playing on the swings etc. I used to ask them to move and I have never had abuse. They usually look very sheepish!

School wise, it is pretty much horses for courses. I know people who live in Alton and they take their children to Medstead, Chawton, Holybourne and Selbourne Our kids used to go to The Butts; they are happy, confident and love school. One is also best friends with a girl from Wooteys (school other side of town)

I do think that living in Alton was the happiest time for our family, but due to jobs we had to leave.

A service we have found totally wonderful is the Rural Areas Play Project which is run by East Hants District Council.

I hope that you will be happy in Alton.

catmanu Mon 12-Sep-11 17:38:50

I forgot to say, that Alton has fab countryside on your doorstep. There is nothing more lovely than walking on Selborne Hanger during the autumn. Oh, we discovered Geocaching whilst living here too!

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