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Urgent help needed with porridge ceiling

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menagerie Fri 12-Aug-11 13:32:53

Trying to redecorate the downstairs loo in a day while DP is out. He has serious intentions of not doing it ever doing it properly some day soon never but my idea was to actually get it done. Only...

It had one of those hideous 70s porridge-effect ceiling with cracks on it. So I scraped off some of the porridge and underneath was silky smooth plaster with cracks in it. But the rest of the porridge won't budge. So now I have a very unsightly half-porridge, half-smooth-plastered ceiling. I need some quick ideas on how to get the rest of the stipply stuff down before DP can sigh I told you so.

I'd even contemplate reporridging the smooth bits if I must. I just want the darn thing painted. I work from home and it isn't a pretty place to send a client.

nocake Fri 12-Aug-11 13:37:08

Porridge? Do you mean artex or were the previous owners of the house terrible at DIY? grin

The only way to get rid of artex is to chip and scrape it off or plaster over it. There is no quick way... sorry sad

menagerie Fri 12-Aug-11 13:57:09

Looks like I'll be chipping and scraping then. It isn't swirly artex it's the kind that looks all pimply. If it was on a wall you could exfoliate your feet against it. Nice.

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