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Corner desk with feature wall. Would it look daft?

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Beanbeany Fri 12-Aug-11 13:24:07

Hi there. I'm about to paint the study in my new house. It's a small darkish room which I will use a lot for work so I need to maximise space and light. I've chosen a corner desk and various matching cupboards/shelving. The main colour of the room will be cream but I also wanted to paint a feature wall in an olive green colour. Trouble is the only wall I can make a feature of is where the desk will go. A bit like this.

Do you think it would look silly? It looks OK in that pic but it's just a shot of the corner - in the context of a whole room I'm not sure. I'm a bit of a fan of painting everything off-white or cream because I like nice light rooms but I also love colour and I think having a feature wall allows you to be adventurous without compromising on light or making it feel like you live in a pot of cream. TIA

7to25 Sun 14-Aug-11 09:03:16

Do not want to leave you unanswered. My first thought was not to have the feaure wall with the desk as the desk would span the intersection of the two Colours; the room is probably too small to have a feature wall and it is a study and probably not in need of features. What would I do? Possibly a patterned wallpaper, tone on tone in a very pale colour.

Beanbeany Mon 15-Aug-11 09:14:23

Thanks 7to25. I was thinking nobody cared! The intersection was definitely the issue. I really do have to have some kind of feature as I do long hours and will be spending a lot of time looking at those walls working. A lot of the wall will be occupied by shelving so not even much space to hang a nice picture. I think I'm going to go for it and paint it back if it looks awful.

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