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Are expensive bathroom suites worth it?

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Matsikula Thu 11-Aug-11 17:50:31

For various reasons, we're contemplating re-doing our bathroom. At my husband's insistence, we'll probably go for a very traditional bathroom suite, perhaps more art deco than victorian style.

Problem is, a lot of the stuff in the bathroom currently is genuinely vintage, but somewhat knackered (e.g. leaking toilet cistern, bath that seems to have been painted in something rather than re-enameled...). The tiles however, I absolutely hate.

It seems perverse to replace stuff that is actually old with fake old stuff, and I'm also totally bewildered by the range in price of stuff that is similar in design - anything from £1,000 for toilet, bath and sink to the same price for just a toilet.

Does a top-of-the range bathroom suite (e.g. Fired Earth) look any different to the cheapo stuff? Some of the repro Victorian sinks I've seen have a weird kind of bulbous look - is it because they are china rather than porcelain?

minipie Thu 11-Aug-11 17:56:14

I think the only way you can tell is by going to the showrooms and having a look. If you like the cheap ones as much as the expensive ones... then go for the cheap ones! There might be a small difference in manufacture quality but I think the main difference is just in the styling.

I don't think it is perverse to replace real old with fake old - if the real old is knackered in some way and not mendable. (Leaking toilet cistern may be mendable, painted bath not sure).

Matsikula Fri 12-Aug-11 11:49:54

The cistern is beyond repair I think (it's iron and gradually rusting away).

Ah well, was trying to avoid the bathroom showroom business, but will see if I can drag my husband along today. Refuse to make all the DIY decisions myself!

minipie Fri 12-Aug-11 12:48:59

Completely agree with that! The only problem is when they have an opinion which is different from yours grin

Gonzo33 Fri 12-Aug-11 12:56:46

Sharpe elbows work on my husband under those circumstances minipie grin

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