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walton on Thames/Weybridge/Esher

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kimd76 Thu 11-Aug-11 08:48:03

Ok think we have narrowed our search slightly budget around 550k and looking for 4 bedrooms.
Your thoughts (pros and cons) for these places would be great.
Looking to live somewhere where we can walk to cafes/pub lunches/parks etc
Any info on schools in these areas also kids 2, 5 and 7.

KateMiddletonsEyebrows Thu 11-Aug-11 21:56:49

private or state?

thestringcheeseincident Fri 12-Aug-11 13:47:04

That budget for 4 bedrooms in Weybridge won't stretch too far.

You could get into either Mamby Lodge or St James COFE from there. Or St Charles if you were a practicing catholic. All very good schools. Weybridge has Heathside as a senior school which gets good results for a comp. Easy walk to high st, parks etc (Weybridge also has Oatlands Infants Schools and Cleaves Middle School which are both outstanding lovely schools but have a very small catchment area to get in)

I'm not sure on the Esher market. Again it might be a stretch for 4 beds.

Walton will get a bit more house for your money

Schools in this area are all very hard to get into. Walton has Ashley COFE (outstanding ofsted etc) but have to be church to get in. Grovelands and Walton Oak which don't score well. Rydens is the senior school which is getting better I hear.

menagerie Fri 12-Aug-11 13:54:24

Yes Cleves is a gorgeous school. I've done some work there and it is fabulous. Great facilities, lovely staff, wonderful happy, hard working pupils.

Esher Church Primary in Esher and Claygate Primary nearby are also very good. For the former you need to be a church goer. It is a fairly traditional school, strong on the 3Rs. Friends with children there say the downside is it isn't very creative and there's subtle constant pressure to conform. At Claygate (next to Esher) the emphasis is on the 'whole child' occasionally to the expense of exam results, though the kids are happy and well rounded.

Esher High Comp is getting ever better results. No 6th form though, so they all go onto esher College which also has great results. (Lots of Oxbridge - but not just that - caters for all sorts.)

£550k is pushing it a bit round Esher. Think I've seen some pretty houses on the market in Walton for that price, but personally wouldn't want my kids at the local comp there as it is huge. Also heard mixed reviews on Heathside. At least three people I know withdrew kids because of bullying that school ignored. But our neighbours DC go there and they are happy. Again, for 550 you might be able to squeeze a modern house round Claygate. Don't know Weybridge as well, but it does look lovely.

Mumsnut Fri 12-Aug-11 22:36:13

Claygate is virtually an extension of Esher and is actually a lot nicer - more villagey, more independent shops, free parking. The primary school is excellent, good food at the pubs, ;lots of open space. Good private schools nearby; state secondary a bit of a problem if no room at Esher.

Here's one:

Mominafix Mon 28-May-18 17:28:27

Is York gardens on Walton on Thames a nice neighbourhood? Schools on catchment are cardinal Newman catholic and Walton oak..

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