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Can anyone tell me the website to check houses for sale - price reductions etc

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JamieOliveOil Thu 11-Aug-11 07:05:21

Not so long ago in the Property/DIY Section someone suggested a website where you could check houses that are currently for sale and the details eg. length of time on the market, price reductions etc.

I have searched on Google and MN and can't find it. Thanks in advance.

Tortington Thu 11-Aug-11 07:08:31


saltyseadog Thu 11-Aug-11 07:11:32

Property Bee will show you all the details of changes on Rightmove. Very useful tool if you are buying.

redlac6 Thu 11-Aug-11 07:38:44

Zoopla is good too

ClaireDeLoon Thu 11-Aug-11 07:46:01

minipie Thu 11-Aug-11 10:57:55

Globrix will show you length of time on market.

However I think it's Property Bee you're after - but you have to download it.

JamieOliveOil Thu 11-Aug-11 18:50:24

Thanks for the responses - it was indeed Property Bee but will also check out the others. Thanks!

plupervert Fri 12-Aug-11 10:21:13

You use Property Bee on the Mozilla browser.

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