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Rental issues....what can I ask for?

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Becaroooo Tue 09-Aug-11 14:53:31

We are due to move in on friday but there have been issues;
1. no key to garage
2. no black bin
3. loose taps in bathroom (which we have fixed)
4. Integrated dishwasher not working
5. Integrated fridge and freezer in awful state...bits broken, glue coming out of bottom of it, mouldy, freezer full of water

Someone is supposed to be coming out today to look at the dishwasher but it may not get fixed
Locksmith is supposed to be ringing me later in the week to sort out garage keys and I am meeting the letting agent there this afternoon as I have complained about the state the integrated appliances have been left in as they were supposed to have been checked and have been recorded in the listings as in "good order" angry

The fridge and freezer are really manky and have seen better days...

Dh says we should buy a small larder fridge and use our current chest freezer and ask for a reduction in rent due to the issues with the integrated appliances...never rented before...wwyd???

CristinaTheAstonishing Tue 09-Aug-11 19:21:29

Oh dear, not a good start. Seems to me like reasonable requests to make of the landlord.

plupervert Tue 09-Aug-11 19:59:23

Did you accept the list of fittings "in good order" or did you record the real state of things? Start taking pics and send them recorded to the agents/landlord, or they may try something at the end of your lease...

Becaroooo Tue 09-Aug-11 20:05:34

That the annoying thing! They have taken photos of the issues and yet still recorded them as in "good order"!!! hmm

The letting agent came out and cleaned the fridge and freezer herself and although they are now clean and dont smell I am not happy about using them...dishwasher now working - yay! - so dh and I are going to buy a small larder fridge to use whilst we are there.

Also got the garage door key - not with original keys we were given!

Oh, the shower head is now dripping so the plumber has got to come out...sigh.

dilbertina Tue 09-Aug-11 20:19:06

So, they've sorted out the fridge (although you are choosing not to use it), garage key and dishwasher have been dealt with, the bathroom taps were something pretty minor that you've been able to sort out yourself, they're sending a plumber to sort out dripping shower....the black bin will need to come from council, so there aren't actually any outstanding issues that aren't being dealt with?

I'm suddenly feeling quite lucky with tenants we've had whilst living abroad! I agree absolutely that these issues should have been fixed, as they have been, but you starting to sound a bit OTT. Why are you still so annoyed? It sounds like they've bent over backwards to deal with the issues you've identified? Have you rented before?

Becaroooo Tue 09-Aug-11 20:31:59

I am not annoyed any more really dilbertina just giving an update.

However, the rentals lady we dealt with (who is on hols this week) told us that she checked all the keys fitted the appropriate locks - so how come the we had no garage key?? and that the fridge and freezer were in good order...she obviously never even opened the door!

Also there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher - they had not provided the correct instruction manual (think it must have been an old one) so no wonder I couldnt make it work!!!

I think thats very poor.

I would fix the shower head too if I could (have tried dousing it with cilit bang to get rid of the limescale but it hasnt really worked)

I have never rented before so maybe I have too high standards??? Dont know.

plupervert Tue 09-Aug-11 20:49:16

Are they members of ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents)? That does not sound like best practice!

Try Viakal for the limescale, but wear gloves, as it is evil stuff on skin!

halfbabyhalfbiscuit Tue 09-Aug-11 21:27:27

I think it just sounds like a normal tenant change over TBH!

I would say that the points you've set out above are minor, esp given that they've been resolved so quickly.

I don't use an agent and so I check things pretty throroughly before a tenant goes in (and take photos at the start, just in case they are needed at the end). But, IME there are always minor issues, just as there are with any house move.

Your agent sounds pro-active though so that's definitely a good thing!

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