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Where oh where to live around Feltham/Sunbury

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kimd76 Tue 09-Aug-11 11:38:09

My husband in the final stages of getting a new job in Sunbury/Feltham, we have lived abroad for 5 years and Aberdeen is our home town so London is like a big unknown world for us.
We have 3 kids 7,5 and 2, any suggestions on nice areas and schools to stay around these areas would be great.
Husband is going to drive so anything between 30 and 40 mins commute.
We would like somewhere with things within walking distances as have lived on compounds and would like the fexibility to walk to things.
Any advise would be very very much appreciated.

KateMiddletonsEyebrows Tue 09-Aug-11 18:27:22

Shepperton, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Chertsey, Hampton? A lot will depend on what you want with your budget, what type of schools you are looking for - they're very variable but if you go private or are RC you have better choices, otherwise you're limited by catchment.

Gastonladybird Tue 09-Aug-11 18:30:26

Agree budget key question here as there is quite a range of prices in the 30/40 minute commute range

KateMiddletonsEyebrows Tue 09-Aug-11 22:52:19

I mean for £300k you could get four or five beds in Hounslow or a 2 bedroom flat in Virginia Water. There's a massive variation in demographics in this part of the world. Have you had a look on Rightmove?

ogredownstairs Tue 09-Aug-11 22:57:13

Teddington and Twickenham are both great for state and private schools at primary and secondary level, and would only be a 10-15 min drive. But agree it depends hugely on budget!

Stinkyfeet Tue 09-Aug-11 23:13:05

Ashford is right on the doorstep and would be a good mid-range price option. 3 bed semi for around £260 - £300k and lots for sale at the moment!Good choice of primary schools, small town centre (Staines is close by for better shopping).

kimd76 Wed 10-Aug-11 12:59:12

Budget would be around 550k, preferable 4 bedrooms with good state school.
Would like somewhere with some nice shops/restaurants to walk to and good parks etc for the kids.
Thoughts on Walton on Thames.

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