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Part exchanges

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slipperandpjsmum Sat 06-Aug-11 17:41:11

Wondered what peoples views/experience of part exchanging is. We have a new estate being built on the side of town we would like to move to. Looked at the first ones being built but finding it really difficult to consider buying a house when the whole estate is not completed.

Has anyone done this? How did you find it? Would anyone never even consider it?

JoJoMummy321 Sat 06-Aug-11 19:03:33


I was also wondering if this was an option for us as we are currently trying to sell our house to move for DH's job and a part exchange would be ideal. However it seems that you can only part exchange if your house you are exchanging is only worth 70% or less than the house you are buying. We can't afford to spend 30%plus more than what our current house is worth so I think we are stuck trying to sell. Unless the builders are ever willing to negotiate???

Re buying on an estate before it is finished, we have done this before and it was fine. It was actually good being in early when all the trades are still on site to take care of any snagging and it's nice in a way seeing things getting finished off. Take a good look at the plans and then if you like the actual styles of houses it sounds like it could be a good option.

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