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Sneak peak at 2012 Ikea Catalogue

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Fizzylemonade Sat 06-Aug-11 17:02:57

I did this last year, they release it in the USA before us, so here is the link to the US site, of course everything is in dollars but you can at least look grin

said Sat 06-Aug-11 17:21:01

Why does the US get it first? They only got IKEA about 3 minutes ago. Not fair.

Beanbeany Mon 08-Aug-11 11:27:52

Ooh, thanks. I had planned to buy something in a colour that I wasn't sure about and now seen they're going to do it in white! Does anyone know when new items will be available in UK stores?

They've been trickling in over the last couple of weeks. Depending on the item, some stores might have them in already. They're all meant to be in by the time the catalogue is launched officially, but sometimes things get delayed. I work in the Textiles department and we started to get the new fabrics/curtains/bedding around mid July.

Beanbeany Mon 08-Aug-11 12:40:51

Thanks, MrsDmitri. Wasn't in last week but just had another look on the website and voila!

said Mon 08-Aug-11 12:45:19

The new green kitchen doors were there in July. They are quite lovely

Fizzylemonade Wed 10-Aug-11 07:52:05

I am lucky that my Ikea is 10 minute drive away <smug>

MrsDmitri <envy> do you get a lovely discount? Do you find you have a lot of Ikea stuff or not so much because home is like work? grin

Good to know stuff trickles in <excuse to go>

15% discount, so okay but not the best I've had <<misses glorious 25% Woolworths discount>>

I do have a lot of IKEA stuff, but I had that before I started working for them grin

Thromdimbulator Wed 10-Aug-11 11:46:16

Can someone tell me how you get a catalogue? The website is awful unless you know exactly what you want - and our nearest store is hours away through hellish traffic. (Why do they put all their stores in traffic bottlenecks?).

Fizzylemonade Wed 10-Aug-11 12:03:11

You can view a catalogue on-line if that helps Thromdimbulator just go to the home page then scroll all the way to the bottom. On very left hand side you can click to view the catalogue.

I agree their website is awful unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

You need to go on a weekday, our store opens at 9.30 for breakfast in cafe browsing but only allows you up to the crockery bit, from there onwards it is taped off until 10am when the store officially opens.

I would never attempt Ikea on a weekend, it is just crazy!

MrsDimitri envy will get that right this time, 15% is not bad. It would help dent the £5k kitchen I have planned when I do my kitchen extension.

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 12:08:33

they're not discontinuing Billy in light oak, are they??? shock

story of my sodding life if so sad

said Wed 10-Aug-11 13:16:57

You can always pick up Billy stuff on Ebay, fear not

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 13:23:03

that is true, said smile

but the last time I wanted something just after it was discontinued (was small Malm wardrobe in birch) there was a last-minute bidding frenzy & it ended up costing about 50% more than a new one would have been confused

said Wed 10-Aug-11 13:27:23

I know the feeling. We bought part of something just before they discontinued it...

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 13:36:31

yep, that's exactly what happened to us!

bought large chest of drawers & bedside table first (both still available, years later hmm) & then discovered the wardrobe - which had been available when we bought the drawers - had gorn. They still had it in other colours & I remember the sinking feeling as I frantically checked all possible stores to see if any of them had one left

I don't understand why they discontinued it either, it's a really neat wardrobe for a small bedroom - only 80cm wide. All the Malm Pax stuff seems to be based on 150cm

thenightsky Wed 10-Aug-11 13:39:37

yes... we've been caught out by the discontinuation of light oak stuff too.. went for a desk to match our office full of light oak Billys, only to find not a scrape of light oak malm to be had. I was wanting to Malm light oak dressing table too - to go with my bed, bedside cabinets, blanket boxes and chests of drawers.

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 13:44:52

There are still light oak Billies on the UK website - I haven't got any yet but am planning a wall full & don't really want another colour - I wonder if I should rush out & buy them now, in case they do discontinue...????

MrsDmitri, would you know if they are continuing or not?

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 13:50:20

nightsky, could you improvise a desk using a Galant desk top with a 3-drawer Malm chest one end & legs the other? (the legs are adjustable)

If they're still on the website I doubt it. Everything that was being discontinued pre new catalogue should have been reduced to clear back in July, to make room for the new stuff coming in. Next lot of reductions/discontinued items will be in October/November. Unfortunately I can't check properly on the internal system at the moment. I work in the Croydon store, and they're still closing early after all the problems this week, so I'm in the lovely position of being paid not to go to work at the moment (not that I can actually get there - I need the tram which is still out of action) Best bet is to ring the customer service number and they'll be able to confirm that it's still regular stock. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it into work before the weekend!

To get a catalogue - can't remember when the new ones are being released, but they'll do a letter box drop to residences in a fairly large radius around the store, plus if you're a family card holder I'm pretty sure they post one to you.

That should read that if they're still on the website I doubt that they're discontinued smile

Ponders Wed 10-Aug-11 14:43:15

oh good! thank you, MrsD smile

enjoy your unexpected holiday!

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