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Ealing or Ruislip

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Londonbaby Fri 05-Aug-11 16:55:14

Is there anyone familiar with both areas? Which area is better for young family in terms of convenience, house price, schools?

stikmatix Sun 07-Aug-11 10:24:34

Well, I can highly recommend Ruislip as a great place for young families. I grew up here and am now back living here with our young family, I definitely consider it home.

Now, I am not very familiar with Ealing, I only know it a little. My Mum grew up in Ealing but that was a long time ago! Ealing of course is closer to London, that is obvious, and hopefully someone from Ealing will be able to give you a balanced view.

Ruislip is a good family friendly area, decent amenities, the High Street has what you need and there's a good supermarket (Waitrose), we are registered with an excellent medical centre, good transport connections (tube, bus and Chiltern rail), lots of open spaces (woods, Lido, park, playing fields). By all accounts the schools are decent (my kids are in private so can't comment specifically). The most sought after part of Ruislip is North Ruislip.

What are you after specifically in terms of house (type, budget) and schools (state? faith? private?)? Then those of us from the area can elaborate a but more.

Also worth considering Northwood, Pinner, Ickenham, Eastcote - all nice areas in the vicinity.

firsttimemama Sun 07-Aug-11 10:35:52

Really depends on your budget -£500k will buy you a nice House in Ealing but it will likely be Edwardian with no off street parking and small back yard where £500k in Ruslip will buy a larger plot with off street parking for two cars and a decent garden. We went for the latter. Good schools in Ruislip too.

stikmatix Sun 07-Aug-11 16:19:07

500k definitely will get you something good in Ruislip, including North Ruislip. I guess a lot of your decision will be base upon what amenities you want in an area and what your priorities are, it's all personal preference right? I guess extensive visiting of the areas will give you a better feel for the different places, and you can see what would be right for your family.

firsttime - good to see someone else in Ruislip smile

Balletlover Tue 09-Aug-11 11:20:34

Grew up a ruislipian and had my first house there, now in a tiny slitter of affordable ealing by Gunnersbury Park. House prices definitely lower in Ruislip. Our house is a small 1920s 3 bed, 2 recept, small kitchen, small garden on street parking and for that you are looking at c. £330K. The same money would buy 3 bed end terrace with garden in catchment for Lady Bankes & Ruislip High School. Primary schools good in Ealing, but secondary schools in Ealing proper less attractive. I benefit from being technically in Hounslow and therefore within catchment ish of Chiswick and Brentford secondary schools. Would I move back to Ruislip? Yes, to either north ruislip or north of ruislip manor, away from the proposed high speed rail link, and closer to the expanses of Ruislip Lido and Ruislip woods. Otherwise, perhaps not, although many friends happily settled there. I am on the edge of Gunnersbury Park, can walk to River thames and Kew Gardens, hop on a bus to Richmond & Chiwick and be in town sooner and cheaper (zone 3 opposed to zone 5). Ealing areas have more of a buzz of living in London but two good areas . can't go wrong really.

Londonbaby Fri 12-Aug-11 04:24:12


Londonbaby Fri 12-Aug-11 04:46:14

Thanks for all your replies. Basically I am looking for a nice and safe area for the family. Having one 2yr old and one arriving soon, good state schools (primary) will be a key factor. I personally don't mind faith schools as long as they are willing to accept non-religious students. Other priorities would be convenience (supermkts, GP, recreational facility nearby), transportation (I work in Mayfair/City/CW, DH drives to Langley near Slough; so within 45min/1hr commute for both would be good). Nice to be near shops, restaurants too but realise can't ask for everything. Budget is £500K, lower is better. (More would be a stretch; also worry that if we leave UK in a few years, may get stuck having to sell the property at a loss which won't be ideal - so maybe pick an area with good value preservation is also important). Too much to think about really :-(. So far narrowing down to Ealing/Northfield, Ruislip, New Malden, Epsom/Ewell (but a bit worried that whether the latter two would be too far out/or surburbian). Currently in SW1, so definitely need to move further away to get more space. More advice, anyone?

Gonzo33 Fri 12-Aug-11 05:11:16

My BIL lives in New Malden, he loves it but you do need a car to get to the nearest supermarket and amenities.

idrilis Fri 12-Aug-11 10:34:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1495106123 Thu 18-May-17 19:48:26

Ruislip by far from experience it is a really fab place to have a childhood local amenties neighbours are all so nice very safe community atmosphere really recommend it I'm jealous I love my memories of Ruislip

DavetheCat2001 Fri 19-May-17 16:46:32

Born and brought up in Ealing, my mum, brother and best friend still live there. I would buy a family home there in a heartbeat if it was in any way affordable, unfortunately it's always been pricey and now with crossrail going in, prices have hiked up even more.

I don't know Ruislip at all, think I went for a job interview there donkeys years ago, so no help there really, but Ealing has some great schools, and fantastic green spaces and parks + the Broadway is a good shopping hub.

CandiceAdams Sun 24-Sep-17 21:01:43

Hi mums, any areas to "stay away" from in Ruislip?

Kimlek Mon 25-Sep-17 10:33:58

I have experience of both Ruislip & Ealing and both are great places to live. You won't have trouble selling. I'd look at commute times, value for money & schooling. Neither will be a bad choice. Pinner also ticks your boxes.

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