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Wasps nest - landlord's responsibility?

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LaCerbiatta Fri 05-Aug-11 12:42:16

We seem to have a wasps nest on the edge of the roof, just above the gutter, right next to the neighbor's house. It's actually impossible to tell on which side it is, ours or theirs.

We hadn't even noticed it but the neighbours told us we should call our rental agency and tell them to sort it out. We said we would but now I'm thinking whether it's the landlord responsibility? The neighbours are being nice but pushing the responsibility to us and saying that it's because there's a gap on our side, between the top of the wall and the roof (sorry if this doen't make much sense, can't really explain it better). But truth is they can't be sure that that is the reason or even that it is on our side not on theirs.

Do you think I should call our agency? We've had to call them in the past way too many times, which the landlord wasn't happy about, so I don't really want to call if it's not their responsibility.


halfbabyhalfbiscuit Fri 05-Aug-11 13:16:49

If you're a bit worried aboout calling the agent, why don't you check with the pest control department of your local Council?

Our local Council displays their costs for dealing with pests on their website (to remove wasps is £64 inclusive of VAT).

You could arrange it and then split costs with your neighbour. You need to check your lease but I doubt a pest infestation is the landlord's responsibility.

LaCerbiatta Fri 05-Aug-11 15:10:47

Thanks! The council sounds like a good idea, I'll check the website.

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