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advice on decorating basement bathroom, colour for hallway please!

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classyinpink Mon 01-Aug-11 19:42:35

I want to paint our tiny basement bathroom (which has no colour at all, have been done 3 years ago but just didn't have time to do it up). It has metal pipes running everywhere and there is huge awkward plasticky round pipe (something to do with sewer..) between the toilet and the sink. It's a very tiny space and wanted opinion on what colour and if i paint all the pipes and plastic things same colour.... I want it to be cute and sweet for my little ones.

Also we are doing up the carpet in our stair and hallway in light golden colour, and woodwork is cream, what colour should I paint the walls. It's a very narrow dark spaces. we have it in white at the moment with stone coloured carpet and its very cold. I don't want magnolia as it would be then too yellowy.

Thank you in advance.

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