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What's your home phone/broadband package?

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greentown Mon 01-Aug-11 15:23:54

The prospect of moving soon has made us review our 'home communications' centre!
We've always had a landline with BT - £14 odd a month line rental (free evening + weekend calls) and are currently paying O2 another £14.50 + mobiles phone costs (hardly use these, so payg)
While we're moving we're going to use a dongle for internet and just the mobiles until we get settled in.
I've always wondered if we're just paying over the odds through complacency and am keen to take this opportunity to finish our existing contracts and get new/better deals.
Does anyone use Primus (seeme v cheap 7.99 per mth) for landline - or any other provider? Can you still subscribe to broadband through a Primus line? How does it all work?
We're not into cable or satellite TV so will definitely not pay to have them.
What's your set up and what would you change - who would you change to? Who would you recommend?

plupervert Mon 01-Aug-11 18:31:10

Oooh, we are re-thinking at the moment, too! BT seems to get more and more expensive

To make our decisions, I'm planning a big session with uswitch, which I used when helping my MIL to get broadband and phone installed last year.

Which? can also be a good source of info about utility providers and broadband/internet packages. We started subscribing when they had a £1 offer for 1 month, which is really worthwhile if they still have this offer running.

IIRC, you have to draw up your comparison list to INCLUDE the cost of getting an engineer out to connect the line (and broadband). If the company pays this, do check whether there is an extra penalty, of repaying this amount, if you cancel your contract. uswitch is quite good about highlighting the full first-year cost, which includes setup and engineer fees.

I have used a mobile dongle (Vodafone PAYG), and it is good, except you can't stream tv, and downloading things from the BBC iplayer seems almost impossible, so you have to consider your internet usage to decide whether a dongle is the right thing for you. Or you may decide that you will be in an internet cafe frequently enough to take your laptop in there and do your big downloads using their wireless....

HarrietJones Mon 01-Aug-11 18:32:52

We've been trying to switch but hardly any companies seem to cover our area so check on a comparison site first

plupervert Mon 01-Aug-11 18:34:10

P.S. I used Carphone Warehouse to compare deals on mobile broadband and to buy. With PAYG mobile broadband, be careful to check whether you will be obliged to go into a deal after 12 months using the dongle. You may well want a contract, though, so in that case, the thing to be careful about is the cost of data usage.

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