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please help me finish and update my kitchen...

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owlets Fri 29-Jul-11 09:59:00

I posted this last week, but i've added some pics on my profile of the offending kitchen now.
I want to make my kichen look more modern, but its only a few years old so I don't want to get rid of the work top or cabinets. I was planning on painting it, but it would need to be a colour that goes with my cream fridge/freezer. It needs a splashback, but I have no idea what style would suit. The wall on the oven section looks particularly blank.
And what options are there to hide the boiler?

The pics make the room look really dark, but its not at all. Its also open plan with the living room.
So, what can I do?

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 11:05:13

I can't access your profile to look at your pictures.

owlets Fri 29-Jul-11 11:34:27

Sorry! - I think I've made it public now. blush

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 12:09:43

I think you're in quite a good position because the bulk of the kitchen is fairly neutral, so easy to work with.

The thing that struck me is the big expanse of flat wall on the cooker side. I would think about investing in a cooker hood, which makes a feature of your cooking space.

You can also get brushed metal effects for splashbacks too, which would tie in with your cooker (and hood).

I'd keep the paint quite neutral, similar colour to the fridge and units. Bring in colour by adding a blinds and accessories. What colour is the living room? Try bringing the colour from there into the kitchen accessories.

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 12:14:16

These types of tiles for splashbacks look amazing:

Pannacotta Fri 29-Jul-11 17:15:10

I agree with Kladdaka that the cooker wall looks very bare.
A smart, simple cooker hood would look good combined with tiles or a splashback.
I like simple metro tiles and think these would work well with your kitchen though they might be a bit trad for you.,r:11,s:0&tx=109&ty=69

Pannacotta Fri 29-Jul-11 17:15:58

In fact this link is better

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 17:40:53

I second that. Metro tiles are very in at the moment.

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