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Do I have to allow viewings and photos?

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HumanBehaviour Fri 29-Jul-11 09:30:21

We are renting a property and are moving out next weekend. The landlord has decided to sell the property and wants to have the estate agent over to have photos taken and to give potential viewers access.

I'm fine with them taking photos of the outside but not the inside as our personal belongings and our furniture etc will be in the photos. And I don't want my stuff on a property website. Am I being unreasonable here?

Also, both my boys are at home with me as it is summer holidays, I do not have time to keep it tidy to viewing standards. Also, we want to start packing and will want to get things out of cupboards etc to pack and arrange. The last thing I need is to spend time on viewings and tidying. Am I unreasonable not to allow viewings? Surely they can wait ONE week?

I've had a few viewings already for when the landlord thought he wanted to keep renting it out and also three different estate agents for evaluations.

HumanBehaviour Fri 29-Jul-11 09:32:43

I have to add that the landlord has not been very nice or accommodating whilst we've been here.

greentown Fri 29-Jul-11 10:04:46

You have the statutory right to the quiet enjoyment of the rented property.
The landlord has no right, and you are under no obligation, to conduct viewings or allow internal photos, - whatever it says in the rental agreement.
Statutory law overrides all rental agreements and any clause within them which contradicts statutory law is illegal and unenforceable.
So, you can allow these photos/viewings - if you choose - but you do not have to.

HumanBehaviour Fri 29-Jul-11 10:24:06

Thank you, greentown!

ShoutyHamster Fri 29-Jul-11 15:18:21

No, I would definitely refuse. As greentown says the law is most certainly on your side.

Tell them you're doing them a favour as you're sure photos of the house looking like a bombsite and covered with cardboard boxes won't help them sell it anyway.

And that you charge a very high premium for photography of your personal possessions, triple rate if the photographer wishes to publish them online grin

gregssausageroll Fri 29-Jul-11 20:32:34

I agree with Greentown.

Firawla Sat 30-Jul-11 10:54:11

you're moving next weekend anyway, surely they can wait a couple of weeks!! i dont think you would BU to refuse on that basis

HumanBehaviour Sat 30-Jul-11 11:08:43

I've asked the agent now if the could please wait until after we've moved to take inside photos and they agreed.

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