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Architect fee

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seasidesister Thu 28-Jul-11 18:22:15

We are planning a knockthrough of 2 rooms and small extension. We got local architect round and he said we will need 2 sets of plans as we will need planning permision. Existing set up and new plan.

Said he will charge us £1500 for the drawings. Is this fair in your experience? we are in N Surrey.

He also told us to budget for £1100 per sq m, would you budget more?

NemesisoftheVole Thu 28-Jul-11 18:58:21

Yes, you will need plans for the planning permission and building regs drawings. Does the £1500 (don't forget the vat) include making the application? Sounds about right. £1100 a square foot sounds a litle high - usually more like £1000, but that depends on what you're having done.

wonkylegs Thu 28-Jul-11 19:30:13

Really depends what you are having done my hourly rate is £67 so that equates to almost 3wks of my time. Which if it's easy to moderate sounds fine
Remember he needs to measure up and draw up the existing plans and elevations then do the proposed ones.
Planning applications often require a fair bit of supporting information but it depends on your local authority.
He also needs to provide information and details for building regulations.
Please check he's an architect who carries proper insurance and registration tho and not a plan drawer, architectural consultant/designer etc as this gives you greater protection if things go wrong and definitely means they are qualified to do what you need rather than just own a pc and a CAD package

kbaby Sat 30-Jul-11 00:11:00

Agree with wonky legs to check they are registered architects.

We hired one for a loft conversion, it cost us £1200 for plans to submit to council. It didn't include any of the application work, fee or building regs. The plans kept coming back not what we wanted and after some research I found out they were architectural designers as opposed to trained architects

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