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New build houses - cramped?

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lemonylono Thu 28-Jul-11 15:10:51

I'm doing a project at work about whether newly built houses are big enough for families to live in.
I know when you go to see show homes, they may have the doors taken off or small furniture to give the impression that the rooms are bigger than they are. I'm hoping to speak to a homeowner in the the London area about their new house, particularly if they feel it is smaller than they thought it was when they bought it.
None of my non-Mumsnet friends have bought new houses, apart from one but that's in Leeds, and I would love to speak to someone in London.
Can anyone help me?

libelulle Thu 28-Jul-11 20:33:00

Can't help but sounds a great project. I recently went with friends to see a new build that literally had no room for any furniture, not even miniature furniture! If you were lucky, you'd have got one armchair into the living room, a single bed in each bedroom, and a table for two in the kitchen (if you pushed it aside every time you needed to go into the patch of gravel that passed for a garden). I've never seen a less liveable space, it beggars belief that someone must actually have sat down and designed it.

HarrietJones Thu 28-Jul-11 21:03:18

I've just seen one( not London sorry) and would have been great 2 bed+ bathroom up and living room & kitchen diner down. But they'd squeezed in 2 extra beds , a downstairs bathroom & garage. Oh and an ensuite that took the master into a room that wouldn't fit a double!

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