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dilema house with large garden or flat in town we love.

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Jacksonsisters Wed 27-Jul-11 10:35:37

We have a choice to make.
Stay in our rented house 3 bedroom, with large garden in rural area. We also have lots of storage outside sheds, lovely garden table etc.
Or buy a flat in town we love. 2 bedroom. We have one Ds at home. He is at school in that town, and it would guarantee him a place at secondary school in two years time. Also he would have friends nearby.
We would save @ £300 in petrol and rent versus mortgage.
But flat small but probably not alot smaller than here. Just one floor not two. We would have extra bathroom.
We could buy caravan in future to get our outdoor experience.
I'm keen DH not.

munstersmum Wed 27-Jul-11 10:40:32

I think most kids benefit from access to a garden where it is possible. What kind of things does your DS enjoy? Can he not bicycle to see friends in town?

Lot to be said for buying over renting though.

Jacksonsisters Wed 27-Jul-11 10:49:32

Hi we are very rural he cannot see anyone here we have to take him in car back to the town where his friends are living. We are only house bar few others no kids.
We lived in the town in a flat a couple of years ago and we didnt find not having a garden a pain, as we can walk everywhere there, he does cubs, football and tennis, and there are several parks. In a couple of years he could walk on his own to skateboard park etc. Is only very small town.
Yes agree wondering about buying over renting to be honest not sure if we would be able to move on from flat to house as our mortgage at the limit of what we can afford at present and we are both older so not too many years left on the mortgage.
I know what you mean about kids and garden, which is why we moved here. But alot of friends with very smalll gardens and to be honest DS 9 so these v small gardens do not give alot of room to play. Sorry to ramble appreciate your reply, have just done a plus and minus chart still no clearer!

Gillg57 Sun 14-Aug-11 17:25:24

No dilemma, move to the town. There will be parks if you feel the need for greenery! My kids did very well without a garden but had all a town had to offer on their doorstep.

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