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Children's room curtains, wall colour and more. HELP!

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angel1976 Tue 26-Jul-11 12:36:27

Argh, I am going mad. Less than a month in the new house and I am going mad thinking about re-decorating. I know some of you are a lot more experienced than I am (true novice here, our last house was a modern new house that needed nothing doing to it and we did nothing! grin). The whole house needs redecorating but I am starting small. It's a 100-year-old Victorian house if that matters!

What: Small room, designated to be my boys' sleep room (3.6 and 20 months old now but will probably move them into the same room in 6 months or so), one large bay window.

What I have already decided on so far: white bunkbeds similar to this. There is also a floor to ceiling 'alcove' I am going to put white shelves into so this will be their bookcase. No toys in the room.

What I need advice on: Paint colour, curtains, a light fitting and also possibly a rug? I want a room that isn't too kiddie but not adult iykwim. It's a small room so I don't want much in it. I was thinking bunting or string lights over the bunk bed. And possibly this wall sticker on the other side of the wall to the bunk beds (as I think the room is too small for wallpaper even if only on one wall). But I don't know what comes first, curtains, paint or wall sticker? I am going mental!!!!!! <head explodes> Help! (and thanks!) grin

beanandspud Tue 26-Jul-11 20:56:45

How about something like this here.

Paint the walls white (ish) and use bright curtains, duvet covers etc. to add colour. I think Next also do a similar theme.

angel1976 Tue 26-Jul-11 22:55:30

Thanks for the link. smile I think it's lovely but hoping to do something more 'Scandinavian'... Looking at Dandelion Clocks for curtains, and possibly a light aqua or light teal for wall colour.

And this rug and this this set plus this set for the bunk beds... It's no wonder I now have a splitting headache! grin

HeatherSmall Wed 27-Jul-11 22:01:26

YOu're spending a small fortune on the curtains and then putting the boys in Ikea duvet covers ? I've always found Ikea bedding really really uncomfortable, just a thought.

angel1976 Wed 27-Jul-11 23:25:26

I haven't spent a small fortune on curtains YET! grin Did buy a test pot of paint today from the Heritage range from Dulux and quite like it. We have a set of Ikea duvet set and I thought they were comfy! hmm You sound what? I've decided though that I'm just not that fussed about things like that (as opposed to my MIL who knows everything there is to know about curtains and whatnot!)... Maybe that's not a good thing to be when decorating a house?!!!!!! grin

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