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Which hire van for moving?

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greentown Mon 25-Jul-11 10:40:15

We're hoping to be on the move in the next couple of months (fingers crossed) and will be doing it ourselves - it's the money and we just don't like the way other people treat our stuff.
Have used movers before and also moved with multiple trips in a Volvo 940 estate and a Ford Fiesta.
This is the first time we'll have hired a proper van and we're perplexed over the best choice.
We've probably only got the furniture of a 1 bed flat, all white goods, 2 sofas, 1 dbl bed, 2 tvs, couple of chests of drawers, table and chairs, clothes, fair bit of gardening equipment and loads of books (35-40 boxes - size 18" x 13" x13" each).
I know movers have fitted everything in a Luton (box shape van) before (we had less books then and 1 less sofa but it seemed like they had lots of space).
We could hire a Luton, maybe with a tail-lift, but they're more expensive than normal vans and I'm not sure the access height is very practical even with a lift - the platform is about chest height so we'd be up and down all day! All right for a few fit lads but not for partner and me perhaps - we're no spring chickens anymore.
I'm hoping we could fit it all in a lwb transit type van (they have side and back doors and you can step up and down out of them) - I don't think either of us would be be too happy driving what they call 'extra lwb' vans (might not fit it on our drive either - probably overhang the pavement) and not sure if a normal transit would be big enough.
Have you moved yourself and what size/type van did you hire? Did you fit everything in and how did it go?
We'll only be doing one big trip but will hire the van for a few days and fill it/unload it gradually.
Thoughts and tips welcome.

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