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light fitting for an entrance hall

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WhollyGhost Mon 25-Jul-11 06:39:58

Over the weekend we traipsed around various lighting shops, looking for a lamp shade or light fitting for our hallway. We saw nothing that seemed right. Probably because we had no clear idea of what we were looking for. Our house is generally modern and minimalist, but we'd be happy to have a light fitting as a feature.

What do you have or like?

Sleepwhenidie Mon 25-Jul-11 07:06:06

I love modern pendant lights and also vintage glass ones. For modern have you looked at nest website? There are some lovely ones, varying in price from £1-200 into £££.

WhollyGhost Mon 25-Jul-11 13:37:23

Thank you! Some of them do look lovely, but are sadly outside our price range blush. We were hoping not to pay much more than £100, ideally much less

Ponks Tue 26-Jul-11 17:13:15

I love these , think would look stunning in a hallway

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