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forest hill end of se22 or tulse hill end of se21

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duplo51 Sat 23-Jul-11 15:26:56

We are currently viewing some properties in these two areas. Clearly neither are E.dulwich or W.dulwich proper. Any views from people who are familiar with the areas on which is the better of the two in terms of location, amenities, parks, schools and also from future resale point of view?
We have visited both areas and it seems forest hill end of east dulwich is nicer, cleaner, better shops and dulwich park is really closeby. Tulse hill end of se21 - shops seemed a bit run down but brockwell park is not too far.
We are not local to the area and hence this is only what we have picked up from a short visit.

Umnitsa Sat 23-Jul-11 18:54:05

We have just moved out of the Forest Hill end of SE22 after two years and the area changed a lot (to the better) in the short time we were there. It was super convenient for Dulwich Park, a decent Sainsbury nearby, walking distance to the station. The East London line has definitely made a difference, both to the ambiance and to the house prices. DD is not school age yet but I understand there are some excellent primaries in Forest Hill (Fairmont?) plus all the private schools in Dulwich of course.

We would have stayed in East Dulwich/Forest Hill but for the commute (London Bridge is not particularly convenient for either DH or me). I think this part of SE22 is cheaper than West Dulwich, and the houses are generally bigger, but we saw only a few places in West Dulwich. In Herne Hill now - and very pleased!

Good luck with the search.

duplo51 Sun 24-Jul-11 06:03:49

Thanks for the helpful info. The house we saw is very close to dulwich park, so it seems locely from that perspective. Forest hill works out v. well for me but not so for dh.
Do you prefer herne hill to e dulwich? What is the main diff for you apart from easier train links?

I love the other house in west dulwich, hut it is on a busy road and while that does not hother me (we already live near a road that gets busy at peak times, not all day long though), it seems people generally are not too keen on this.

Will try posting links to the two and get views!

mumzy Sun 24-Jul-11 07:57:31

I personally wouldn't go for a house on a busy road and for most people that would be a major negative. However if you can cope with potential problems a busy road brings: noise, traffic fumes parking issues, litter then you will have less competition from other buyers and can end up with a lovely house for a reasonable price.

sybilfaulty Sun 24-Jul-11 08:00:31

I am in W dul and it is fab! A real sense of community, good shops and easy links to town. Tulse hill is fine on the W dul side, if a bit shabby.

Am off for a run but be back for more later.

duplo51 Sun 24-Jul-11 10:34:50

I can see the busy road is a major turnoff for the reasons you suggest.

Sybil would love to hear your views.

The property is towards the end of thurlow park road and aside from the traffic, the shops aren't too great. But the house is so lovely, that it is clouding my judgement!

Umnitsa Sun 24-Jul-11 20:04:30

I think the commute was the main consideration for us. Thinking about now, had we stayed in SE22 we would have preferred to live in East Dulwich proper - which means no East London line with its convenient connection to the Jubilee line. Also, most of the housing stock in the streets close to the beginning of Lordship Lane are 3-bed Victorian terraces. To get something bigger would mean streets off the middle part of Lordship Lane, ie miles away from any train station, or the Forest Hill end.

I posted here a few months ago re my Herne Hill vs East Dulwich dilemma and the general consensus was that Herne Hill is more old money being basically the Dulwich overspill etc whilst East Dulwich is more bohemian, Stoke Newington-style. I would probably compare Herne Hill to Muswell Hill (but with smaller gardens!)

duplo51 Mon 25-Jul-11 08:45:46

that is an interesting observation umnista. We saw a few properties in Herne Hill - the ones we liked were out of our range. It does seem less busy than E.Dulwich which I liked. I have not visited the Brockwell Park - how is the play area there? Are there other activities for children like toddler's world etc closeby? I think the advantage of E.Dulwich perhaps could be (or appears to be) that there are more activities for children.

Sybil - what is the closest playground in West Dulwich? I was looking it up and it seems it is Belair park. How is it? Proximity to a park/playground is important to us, because at the moment our nearest park is a 10-15 min bus ride away........

chandellina Mon 25-Jul-11 11:20:18

I love the Forest Hill end. Good schools- Horniman, Eliot Bank, Fairlawn (tiny catchment though) etc., good transport links, not far from Dulwich Park and some nice leafy streets. Also the gorgeous Sydenham Hill woods.
We're moving to Honor Oak Park after a long search but I would have loved to be over by Sydenham Hill.
I've personally never seen the appeal of Herne Hill and Tulse Hill. Both seem a bit run-down to me. We're moving from Peckham Rye, which is another fab area with lots of amenities and great transport, but the houses tend to be small and pricey and the schools are a real mixed bag.

duplo51 Mon 25-Jul-11 15:49:07

I think we are now leaning towards the forest hill property ! thanks chandellina.

We are sorted over schools, but its good to know that there are good schools in the area, which could increase the attractiveness of the property to other buyers when we decide to sell (we are thinking of it as our first home, rather than our forever home).

Umnitsa Mon 25-Jul-11 21:18:13

Brockwell Park is nice and everyone raves about the Lido but we have not really been there much. Dulwich Park is much more manicured, Brockwell Park has lovely open space but is fairly ordinary. There is a decent playground and a one o'clock class but we have not explored it yet.

We have joined the Gymboree - just opposite the Herne Hill station.

Actually we were quite spoilt for choice of parks when in SE22 / Forest Hill: Dulwich Park was closest and most suitable for the pram, Sydenham Forest for pleasant meandering in wilder woods (my husband's preference) and Peckham Rye Park which was about 20 min walk.

duplo51 Wed 27-Jul-11 09:51:10

Thanks so much for all the info.

We have never visited Dulwich Park, but from what you say, i'd probably prefer the more pruned/manicured version ! The property we are looking at near Forest Hill is a gated mews, so a bit lacking in character (and small), which makes me wonder whether we should just keep looking (but we have been looking for some time now!).

I went to Thurlow Park road yesterday (nearer to Tulse) to take at the surroundings of the property (in W. Dulwich) I like - while it is a lovely house, the road is indeed v. busy, lots of noise pollution and many of the neighbouring houses are run-down (missing windows) or completely derelict ! Its made me certainly question, whether a big house is worth the trade-off on these aspects. This may also be the reason that the current vendors are selling only after 2 years !

chandellina Wed 27-Jul-11 14:40:01

i'd keep looking - we just ended our search in June but from Feb to June when were looking it seemed there were quite a few decent-sized houses around Forest Hill for £400k-£500k. (not sure what your budget is but that's about as good as it gets unless you head down to Catford.)

duplo51 Thu 28-Jul-11 10:24:12

Yes we have been looking from around the same time - so a bit tired of going through rightmove every day now !! Our budget is slightly more than 400-500K - its is a bit tight, but still hoping that we find sthg in Dulwich or closer to Dulwich, than Forest Hill proper - we are keen to be as close to DS's school.

cherrysodalover Fri 29-Jul-11 05:50:50

I loved living near thurlow park road- there are some lovely houses kind of up near the allotment near the station- don't settle for a house you are ho hum about in this market.Find one you love- there is the dulwich estate which has some really cool places but then I love mid century stuff which is not everyone's cuppa.Stay the west dulwich side of THill I reckon.

It has a great vibe and I always felt safe walking home at 1 am from the bus stop.

levantine Fri 29-Jul-11 09:23:28

OP have you ruled out East Dulwich itself? I would have thought you could get something quite nice there if your budget is over £500k

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