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No bath in rented flat- WWYD?

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Fourleaf Thu 21-Jul-11 19:36:18

We have just moved to a flat with no bath. It was the comprimise, as in all other ways the flat is great. We have a 20 month DS who is in this, which he loves. We are planning to be here for 2-3 years, but have only signed a 12 month tenancy. I miss a bath but am surviving without!

Would you ask now for a bath to be fitted?
We would be willing to contribute to the cost (would be around 1,000 total I think).
OR would you just wait for a year and see if we like the flat enough to stay, and ask then? It may not be an option and part of me thinks it would be good to know that now. OTOH I worry it would look a bit pushy to ask for the flat to be changed as soon as we move in.

halfbabyhalfbiscuit Thu 21-Jul-11 19:53:04

I'm a landlord (and I like to think I'm a reasonable one, but I'm sure they all think that!) but I'm afraid that if you asked me for a new bath to be installed, I'd expect it to be at your cost (in its entirety).

I might think differently if you'd been a super reliable tenant of mine for a couple of years, but if you've just moved in, I think your landlord might say no.

myron Thu 21-Jul-11 20:36:56

I would think why did you choose a flat without a bath then in the 1st place - I would only consider it if the shower room badly needed a refurb anyway but I would have chosen to do that between tenancies so I guess that it's still a no.

Fourleaf Thu 21-Jul-11 21:03:30

Thanks for the replies. Yes should have said I realise we may have to pay the whole cost if we really want it done. We are ok at the moment so will prob just leave it for now. We chose the flat as great in all other ways for our budget- and just thought it might be an option for a bath to be fitted as its a family sized place with plenty of room for a bath in the shower room. But is probably a long shot, even if we pay, as I suspect there may be another reason there is only a shower.

Firawla Thu 21-Jul-11 21:07:02

wait and see if you like the flat first and if you like the landlord etc, wouldnt want to contribute to it and landlord ends up being not great and end up moving, or for whatever reason end up having to move soon after paying towards this bath as it will be your money down the drain. you never know the landlord may sell after the 12 months, using your newly paid for bath to make the place look better for buyers! tbh i would not pay for a bath in a rented place myself, as having had 2 landlords selling up property and now a 3rd one who is just a weirdo! unless you can have it done very cheap and consider that price worth the money for 12 months use of a bath.. but personally i dont think it would be worth it

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