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Have I been shafted?

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Putthatbookdown Thu 21-Jul-11 18:24:01

3 flats -freehold bought.Flat 1 sells -genuine reason but what she does not reveal is that the purchasers are also going to buy flat 2. The new owners then advise me Theyseem nice people Then a few monhs later they advise they want to build a kitchen extension but then decide to renovate part of flat 1 as well -the building work takes 4 months plus and goes on even on all those Spring Bank hols-noisy. We share insurance ,maintenance 3 ways but the extra costs which it will cost for the kitchen extension are never discussed so this is going to cost me more but I will not benefit. Is this legal?

lalalonglegs Thu 21-Jul-11 19:11:30

I wouldn't have thought that an extension will make huge difference to insurance and maintenance costs. If you're worried about it, why don't you talk to the new owners and see what they have to say? They now, effectively, own the freehold since they will always get the deciding vote on any issue so it's probably best to find out what their intentions are and see if you can all rub along.

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